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Comment Re:The last Windows version ever. (Score 1) 333

The Steam controller is an attempt to make some of the functions of a keyboard available on a controller. ITs not a keyboard killer by any stretch, its just an option. My hand-built Steam Machine has a Steam Controller, an Xbox One controller, a kb/m and a Flight Stick attached to it. You missed the point of the controller completely. I dont play games on my work computer, i dont do work on my gaming computer...

Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 5, Insightful) 260

"Rationally speaking, there is no reason to pay more for something than you have to. If I can get someone from (or in) India to do something about 80% as well for 50% of the cost of an American worker, then why wouldn't I do it? The only reason not to is a moral argument; there's no financial reason to do it unless doing it results in a boycott of my company and products (it never does). And when you're a financial institution, that's what you follow."

This amoral bullshit only works when you forget that companies are supposed to be SYMBIOTIC with their communities. ITs not rational to promote a 'profit only' mentality, in the end it destroys the nation. We need to get back to the idea that workers and the business are one, and live and die together. You are dressing up sociopathy as business and calling it good. Companies are superposed to have a DUTY to their workers and community and you dont understand this AT ALL.

Comment Re:Because the question is stupid! (Score 1) 192

The FAA can issue 'unconstitutional' mandates all day long. Its up to the judiciary to find those actions unlawful, and the executive to enforce that finding. To bring suit, you have to prove you have suffered harm from these mandates(standing). The judiciary will not listen to you without you first proving standing.

Comment Re:This makes me want to run out and get a Blackbe (Score 1) 137

"I am very much in favour of the government being allowed to access private communications in individual cases with due cause and a legally obtained warrant issued by a judge"

The problem is idiots try to use this idea to ignore enshrined rights. NO matter how badly you want into my computers, you have no right to tell me that i HAVE to give you a way to read my work. Thats not a power my government has. It should not be illegal to build a computer that cannot be read by anyone but me. Governments DO NOT need absolute control over this sort of thing, its a WANT, nothing more.

Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 1) 460

To a degree, yes. Like any other tool it has limitations.

When Siri came out, i suddenly realized how much i really did not want to 'converse' with computers. I want them to take commands quickly and the first time and thats about it. I literally had Siri the day it came out (Iphone 4s). After a few years of trying her and google's voice command, i found most of the time i prefer other input methods.

I have voice search on my Google TV Nexus Player ,which i actually use, it voice indexes my Plex Library, down to the episode. I say 'Encounter at Farpoint' (Star Trek TNG Pilot Episode) and BAM I have Q in my face. However, if i say 'Joust like a Woman' (King of the Hill, Season 6, ep. 8), it looks for 'just like a woman' no matter how i pronounce it. Its that inconsistency and inability to make it understand me that will always keep voice search as a niche input method.

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