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Comment Re:Merry pranksters (Score 1) 532

I unplugged my neighbors car at least 5 times because he was charging off a power outlet in our condo complex's tool shed. He would come out every morning at 6 am to unplug it before our landscape workers showed up so he wouldnt get caught. I suppose if the guy wasnt a total douche bag i would have cut him more slack, but he was technically stealing.

Comment Re:Benefit to end users? (Score 1) 688

That argument flows both ways. The harsh environment cuts down on frivolous commits and forces people to really think before posting. It CAN create yes men, it doesn't necessarily do so. It can also create fiercely independent individuals willing to really fight for things they believe in.

Comment Re:Why don't taxis just provide good service?! (Score 1) 136

Medallions themselves are not the problem. The problem is the LIMITED amount of them and the fact that they are transferable by private parties. Medallions should be unlimited for all comers who meet taxi criteria and cost a minor fee ($200 ish), thus removing the incentive for transfer. Licenses like this should always remain the property of the issuing governing body, and have no value beyond the processing fee.

Comment Re:Ugly Americanism (Score 1) 136

If you dont speak clear English in America, you simply dont get my business. I dont have time or patience to stumble thorough a communication barrier. Flat out, if you dont speak English in America, you shouldnt be in business at all. Its not being an ugly american to refuse to do business with someone who cannot communicate properly. If they cant speak English, how can i trust them to read road signs?

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