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Comment Re: Under what authority? (Score 2) 287 287

The government cant deny SPECIFIC people speech. Naming him in the park permit was a huge violation of the First. Also the government wouldn't be silencing you on the CONTENT of your speech, but the venue (yelling in the gutter). Since no one is allowed to yell in the gutter, its a not a free speech or equal treatment under the law issue.

Comment Re:Is Edge going to be portable to non Windows? (Score 1) 132 132

All the things you listed were under Ballmer, not Nadella. They have ZERO chance of EVER being as powerful or influential as they were. Also, Nokia LET itself be consumed, they could have said no to the deal. Everyone and i mean EVERYONE knew what the 'burning platforms' memo meant.

Comment Re:Existing Law (Score 1) 312 312

The funny thing is the State could ban cars, but not guns. Also, guns have a commonly accepted use by society purpose. People feed and protect their families with them.when i went to high school lots of my friends had hunting rifles in their car. Just because guns arent common to you, doesnt mean everyone freaks out the instant they see one.

Comment Re:Is Edge going to be portable to non Windows? (Score 4, Insightful) 132 132

Yesterday i converted a pdf to Word Online (free), uploaded it to Google Docs (free). I then saved it on Dropbox (2GB free), One Drive(15 GB free) Gdrive (15 GB free) and my personal NAS running linux (cost of hardware). Please explain where you see lock-in anywhere in this chain when my data moves freely among these disparate entities. I dont think you understand what 'lock-in' has meant historically.

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