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Comment: Re:Anti-competitive behavior is a big deal (Score 1) 223

by spire3661 (#47809191) Attached to: Uber Now Blocked All Over Germany
Keep in mind that the current ruleset is built for the entrenched players. If Uber waited around for regulatory compliance, they wouldnt be in business. The plain fact is ALL OF MODERN LIFE IS MONEY. There is a price for everything and those that would consider themselves your betters force payment.

Comment: Re:"complained about the service" (Score 1) 306

by spire3661 (#47801747) Attached to: Reported iCloud Hack Leaks Hundreds of Private Celebrity Photos
Stop. This is the fault of allowing users to use devices with no training. Standard I.T. data security ON THE PART OF THE USERS would have prevented this. If you dont understand the device you are using, seek training, or dont put sensitive info on it. Its not ok to be a moron in the Information Age.

Comment: Re:Broadcom... (Score 1) 165

by spire3661 (#47796533) Attached to: Update: Raspberry Pi-Compatible Development Board Cancelled
Fair enough. I will amend to say that the Pi greatly expanded the market for players that were already in the game. Unfortunately, the others were never able to capture any real mindshare from it. Love it or hate it, the Pi made the market what it is now. Also, Intel has offerings on both fronts, real time microcontrollers and multi-tasking OS chips. (quark and galileo)

Comment: Re:Why. (Score 2) 165

by spire3661 (#47796493) Attached to: Update: Raspberry Pi-Compatible Development Board Cancelled
I dont care about Broadcom's politics. I cant change them and the Pi has been incredibly useful to me in learning and teaching electronics. I would love for the whole thing to be open, but its just not happening, so we must accept that the net gain from the PI is still a benefit to humanity, no matter how slightly 'impure' the ideology. Most of the device is 'open'.

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