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Comment Re: This is why (Score 1) 223

Perhaps it would be best is the FTC forced all advertisers to be barred from using terms like 'unlimited'. Its hard to blame someone for 'abuse', when you use terms that dont have limits carefully stated. Force them to set a scope and sell on solid performance metrics, not hopes and dreams and there is no issue. If i pay for 100/10 with unlimited transfer, that should mean that i should be able to shift as much data as 100/10 will physically allow per month. If a service cant meet that requirement, then they shouldnt be allowed to use the term unlimited.

TL:DR - Dont make promises you cant keep.

Comment Re:Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 278

Thankfully we dont have to justify it to you or anyone. We believe it is a CREATOR granted right for free men to own weaponry. We have fashioned our government to reflect that belief, going as far as outright banning our government from interfering with gun ownership on a very fundamental level. It doesnt matter what you think about it, thats the entire point of the 2nd Amendment. Its a right whether you agree with it or not.

Comment Re: This is why (Score 1) 223

While i agree with you in the practical, i disagree in principal. Part of being human is forcing authority to show its hand to see the limits of its force. How authority responds to that is an indication of the type of society you are living in. You can only swing the Hammer of the State so hard. Finding out how hard the State will actually swing it is dangerous, but important work. For the record i think the Drone registration is an INCREDIBLY heavy handed approach and will instill fear and doubt more than anything else.

Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 2) 179

When we talk about removable in this context it usually means it can be done without tools by the end user in the field. You are talking about whether its REPLACEABLE, which is a different argument. Most phone's batteries are replaceable by a person familiar with electronics. My Moto G battery isnt removable in this context, but i could easily replace it with a new battery for about $6.

Comment Re:Nexus 9 had finish issues (Score 1) 179

Except when it doesnt work, which has happened to me lots of times, even when running multiple, co-located servers. Plex and local storage are not the same thing. Also, im a lifetime member so please dont bring up sync, its junk. I maintain a Plex server for my family, but everything i watch is stored locally on-device if at all possible. Sneakernet > streaming, always. Streaming is a compromise.

Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 2) 179

The removable battery thing stopped being an issue when stupid cheap battery banks became available. I have one custom built by Motorola for the Moto G/X line. Its effectively the same thing as having a removable battery other than being able to remove all power easily. I carried removable batteries for almost a decade, now i just keep the motorola battery handy. Did i mention i paid $10 for it....

Comment Re:Twitter shouldn't be shutting anyone down.. (Score 3, Interesting) 827

A minor correction . Free Speech is the idea that you can say things. Its a spectrum like anything else going from completely permissive on one end to restricted for reasons on the other. Its a completely separate idea from the FIRST AMENDMENT, which is a limitation on the U.S. government. Generally The First Amendment of the U.S. is very permissive of speech, with exceptions for things like obvious inciting of harm (and other unspecified ' i know it when i see it' clauses).

I only mention this because people get these ideas confused and then the conversation stops being about Free Speech, and it starts being only about The First. It limits the conversation to LEGAL arguments, citing court decisions etc and drowns out any moral speech. Its boring to only look at life through the lens of the law.

Comment Re:Twitter shouldn't be shutting anyone down.. (Score 5, Insightful) 827

The problem is these platforms are becoming DE FACTO speech platforms to the point that either they need to start developing common carrier rulesets, or we need to develop other comms platforms that people can easily join and communicate on. I am not comfortable ceding THIS much speech to a EULA alone. These platforms are used ALOT, its time we start thinking about enforcing The First a little harder when you are reaching so many minds. Information is becoming far too malleable, which is one of the key take-aways of Orwell's 1984. I dont invoke Orwell often, but im seeing speech shaping occurring daily now.

I uploaded a short clip of the green mile to FB the other day to make a point to a friend , and as soon as it finished uploading, FB said it was blocked on copyright grounds, automatically. I was trying to show the scene in Green Mile where Percy is gloating over a dead prisoner, and Brutal viciously scolds him saying 'leave him alone, hes paid what he owed. Hes square with the house again'. Its a 20 seconds clip out of a 3 hour movie... that kind of heavy handedness is ridiculously over the top and stifled a conversation i was having with a friend.. Is that clip really a threat to anyone's revenue? Its time for new conversation about how far these platforms can stifle speech or if we need to legally limit their scope.

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