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Comment: Re:After whast happened to Odroid-w, why? (Score 1) 74

by spire3661 (#48207405) Attached to: Raspberry Pi Founder Demos Touchscreen Display For DIY Kits
Philip's screwdriver patent doesnt really mean shit to me in the 21st Century does it? The Philips design is laying on the floor, waiting for anyone to use it, with no encumbrances. We want more of that in computing hardware/software. Tired of people telling us we have to have $10,000 in patented tools to get anything done.

Comment: Re:After whast happened to Odroid-w, why? (Score 4, Interesting) 74

by spire3661 (#48205263) Attached to: Raspberry Pi Founder Demos Touchscreen Display For DIY Kits
Are we going to keep saying this forever? When are these things going to fall to the floor and become wrenches? (A wrench is a universally used device with no encumbrances, a true tool.)

We want tools of computing to be as useful and flexible and free (in design) as cement, steel girders, wrenches and sockets, pencils and paper.

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by spire3661 (#48190697) Attached to: More Eye Candy Coming To Windows 10
Dictionaries are a compendium of words that are commonly used. It is a reactionary publication, it doesnt set the tone or even codify language. Its really not an authority on anything other than saying 'hey this word gets used in this context a lot by real-world people.' Your perception of a dictionary is backwards. Grok is cromulent.

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Some centralization is good, full-on EVERYTHING being centralized is VERY bad. The full steam ahead mentality is exactly what im talking about. Mainframing is DUMB, we learned those lessons decades ago. Thats what Personal Computing was all about, breaking mainframing and bringing the power back to the users.. Now, we arent advancing nearly as much as we are dumbing everything down to widen the audience. This is good in some ways, but relying ONLY on centralization for this is silly. Google should allow other vendors because they pretend to be FOSS champions, and that means allowing choice.

Comment: Re:That's fundamentally incorrect (Score 1) 183

We laughed at Andreeson then, we laugh at you now. Mainframing personal computing is dumb, and Google (and you) should know better. Andreesen's promise is the road to idiocracy. 'I dont want to learn computers, someone else manage the OS for me...' The people arent rising up to meet the challenge, the tech is lowering to pick them up, and Chrome OS is bad idea that gets shoved on us. I would be fine with Chrome OS if they respected offline use as much as online. I would like chrome OS if i could plug in other data vendors besides Google.... Chrome OS is a dead end.

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This is my biggest problem with the cloud as being implemented. I cant pop up my own cloud and point to that, i can only go to whatever strategic partner the device has a deal with. No Sony, i dont want to send my pictures to facebook or flickr from my camera, encrypt them and send them to my home network directly.....

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