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Comment Re:Criminal (Score 1) 27 27

Why are you even on Slashdot? DO i have to spell out that the idea that Liberty does not need a reason to be enjoyed. IF i want to hack RFID at home for fun and not profit, who are you to say thats wrong? You catch me breaking into a building, you go right ahead and arrest me Mr Moral Crusader. Until then please shut up and let the grown ups use our tools. Am i not allowed to pick my own locks?

Comment Re:Windows, IE and Lifecycles (Score 1, Informative) 255 255

You mean like Kin, Zune or Plays for Sure? The original ipad was obviously a 'prototype' design to see if it would catch on. The ipad 2 should be considered the first true production ipad, and it runs the latest iOS. My fully 64 bit Mac Mini should get OS updates for a very long time. (the 64 bit issue is why we have seen a lot of older macs lose support.). Apple's 'planned obsolescence' is a bit overblown.

Comment Re: Under what authority? (Score 2) 298 298

The government cant deny SPECIFIC people speech. Naming him in the park permit was a huge violation of the First. Also the government wouldn't be silencing you on the CONTENT of your speech, but the venue (yelling in the gutter). Since no one is allowed to yell in the gutter, its a not a free speech or equal treatment under the law issue.

Comment Re:Is Edge going to be portable to non Windows? (Score 1) 132 132

All the things you listed were under Ballmer, not Nadella. They have ZERO chance of EVER being as powerful or influential as they were. Also, Nokia LET itself be consumed, they could have said no to the deal. Everyone and i mean EVERYONE knew what the 'burning platforms' memo meant.

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