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Comment: Re:Not trolling at all, just a realist (Score 1) 299

by spinfire (#21738946) Attached to: How Feds are Dropping the Ball on IPv6
Funny you say that... as I wrote earlier Comcast has been deploying IPv6 on their network since 2005, based on internal demand (they don't have enough addresses to manage all their cable modems and set top boxes). And they are one of the most prominent consumer ISPs in the United States.

+ - Vintage Computer Festival East 4.0 THIS WEEKEND->

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triple6 writes: "This weekend, vintage computer enthusiasts from all over will converge on the sleepy town of Wall, New Jersey to attend the 4th annual Vintage Computer Festival East. Featuring exhibits of fully functional(!) vintage computers, we'll also have presentations and a marketplace. Help us celebrate the 30th anniversary of Commodore computers at a panel discussion with former Commodore engineers Chuck Peddle (designer of the 6502 CPU), Bil Herd, Bob Russell, and Dave Haynie. Photos from last year's event: 3.html"
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Comment: Re:Good times (Score 2, Interesting) 270

by triple6 (#13336386) Attached to: Bell Labs Unix Group Disbanded
I was lucky enough to work in Building 2 for a couple of years and am happy to have been in Murray Hill at all. It was as magical a place as everyone says. Just being around so many great thinkers made me feel smarter too. I'll certainly miss it. (I wonder if the pjw's xface made of magnets still appears at the top of Stair 8)

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