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Comment Re:Buy a Nook or Nook Color! (Score 1) 175

I have both a Nook and Nook Color The Nook is best e-reader I've used so far, love it for reading. Nook Color is a really nice little tablet. Works well for reading indoors, but I use it mostly as media player and for surfing internet. Also have a Honeycomb image on micro-sd card for when I want full Android system. Oh yeah, Nook Color can boot an alternate OS off the micro-sd slot without rooting, and while leaving the original Nook OS intact. Highly recommend both devices.

Comment Re:Hardware will be interesting (Score 1) 150

"Cell combines a general-purpose Power Architecture core of modest performance with streamlined coprocessing elements[2] which greatly accelerate multimedia and vector processing applications, as well as many other forms of dedicated computation."

Comment Re:All of them (Score 1) 1200

Hackers 1 and 2

And how do we know someone pirates movies on the internet? That's right, they believe there is a movie called Hackers 2. There isn't, it is the name given to bootleg copies of the movie Takedown. Which has nothing to do with the movie Hackers. It is based off what is seen by some as a inaccurate telling of the events surrounding the capture of Kevin Mitnick. Even IMDB says that title is used for bootleg versions of the movie.

Comment Only one thing in that article stuck in my head (Score 2) 431

"Microsoft's next-generation operating system has abandoned Intel exclusively for the first time." I had to go and read the article, which seemed like normal "tech news" crap. Then I read this line and it rubbed me the wrong way so badly. While technically it might be true, about Windows 8, it sounds like it's implying the NT OS has only ever been on Intel chips. That would be so very wrong, Comptia A+ learning guide's version of Windows history style of wrong.

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