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PA Laptop Spying Inspires FSF Crowdsourcing Effort 135

Posted by timothy
from the inspiration-comes-from-many-places dept.
holmesfsf writes "Creeped out by the Lower Merion School District's remote monitoring of students? Check out the Free Software Foundation's response to the laptop spying scandal and help build a wiki listing of school districts that provide students with laptops, so that the FSF can campaign against mandatory, proprietary laptops."

Comment: Do not panic! (Score 1) 569

by speters (#27280109) Attached to: Programming Language Specialization Dilemma
First thing to remember is that if you are coming out of school, employers will assume you do not have much experience with any single language unless you've had some sort of internship. They may hire you to work on completely different languages. What really helped me was Eric Raymond's Hacker HowTo, although if you are thinking you'd like to do web work, I'd really consider adding some JavaScript experience.

+ - New phishing technique fools IE7 & Norton

Submitted by
enharmonix writes: "The Register is reporting on a strange new phishing technique that is able to fool IE7's phishing filter and Norton 360. Spoofed sites include PayPal, eBay, HSBC and others. The sites are confirmed to be fraudulent but are cleared by both security tools. The exploit seems to be specific to Internet Explorer (FireFox just goes straight to the correct site). Roger Thompson of Exploit Prevention labs believes users may have an html injector that communicates directly with IE and modifies the HTML of legitimate websites."

48% of Americans Reject Evolution 1856

Posted by Zonk
from the we-need-just-a-touch-stronger-educational-standards- dept.
MSNBC has up an article discussing the results of a Newsweek poll on faith and religion among members of the US populace. Given the straightforward question, 'Is evolution well-supported by evidence and widely accepted within the scientific community?', some 48% of Americans said 'No'. Furthermore, 34% of college graduates said they accept the Biblical story of creation as fact. An alarmingly high number of individuals responded that they believe the earth is only 10,000 years old, and that a deity created our species in its present form at the start of that period.

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