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Comment: Performance (Score 3, Informative) 320

by speedingant (#37903508) Attached to: Which OSS Clustered Filesystem Should I Use?
What kind of performance are you after? If you're not after anything over 40MB/S, I'd go for unRAID. I use this at home and it's brilliant. I've replaced many drives over the years, and I've had two hard drives fail with no massive consequences (data isn't striped). Plus, many many plugins are now available. SimpleFeatures (replacement gui), Plex Media Server, SQL, Email notifications with APCUPSD support etc etc.

+ - Law to fight internet piracy rushed through-> 1

Submitted by speedingant
speedingant writes: A new law to combat internet piracy in New Zealand is being rushed through Parliament under urgency this afternoon NZT.

The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill bans file sharing. It would allow copyright owners to ask for a six-month suspension of the internet accounts of those who repeatedly infringe.

This is a shock, mainly due to the fact that it hasn't been debated, and urgency is supposed to be used for laws regarding the Christchurch earthquake. There is no public way we can oppose this law, making this a blatant attack on our privacy, and democracy itself.

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Comment: Re:HP - Dell? (Score 1) 531

by speedingant (#35343178) Attached to: New MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals 'Shoddy Assembly'
Logic board design is far neater. Less individual components hanging off the main board, so instead they are integral. This leaves more room for battery/other components. You can compare desktops, as they are well overpriced. No difference between a nice Gigabyte/Asus board and a motherboard in a Mac Pro.

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