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Comment: Re:I wonder if the hackers would stop.. (Score 1) 452 452

I think what the GP was suggesting would be if Sony, on their own, came out and apologized for being so negligent. Of course that will never happen.

It wouldn't be enough. At this point, I would want Howard Stringer fired (not allowed to resign, but actually fired) before I would consider buying Sony again.

And this from someone who at present has:
1 Sony PDA
1 Sony CD Walkman

PDA and Walkman? The 90's have called and want your comment back.

Comment: Re:Interesting move (Score 1) 755 755

They are teaching functional programming. Therefore, they can work on practical applications. Try Haskell, Clojure, Chicken Scheme, for instance.

OO is overrated. It is still nice to bring it in when you need it ((use coops) under Chicken) and then forget it completely where it is not.

Comment: Re:what happenend to the spanking? (Score 1) 669 669

There's nothing illogical about that. You are using instincts to teach someone - that works even against whatever rational barriers the subject has constructed. Pain = bad and can't be ignored. The problem is that people used to abuse it so much that any sort of physical punishment got banned.

Plus, are you a Vulcan?

Comment: SSN is not an ID (Score 1) 166 166

People doesn't seem to get it. The SSN number is not an ID.

It should only be useful for the Social Security. However, due to lack of alternatives, it's been bastardized as a general ID.

Also, you are a bunch of crybabies. In Brazil, we have:

0- Birth certificate
1- ID (requires 1 to get) (has photo)
2- CPF ('physical' person registry) (arguably redundant with No.1, but required for historical reasons). It has a status, which is tied to your income tax papers. If you do not pay the damn taxes, or if you fail to present proof that you are not required to annually (too low income, for instance), it gets 'dirty' and will not be accepted anywhere until you clear it up. (requires 1 to get, no photo so 1 is required almost everywhere you have to present this). This is what is commonly used as a natural key in databases.
3- Voting card, also with an unique ID (requires 1 and 2)
4- Military enrollment card (requires 1, 2, physical examination etc)
5- If you want to be employed (not a business owner, not in the military), you require something that looks very like a passport and records all your employment history. Rough translation would be 'Worker's wallet'. (requires 1, 2, 3, 4 if memory serves right)
6- Driver's license, if you drive. As it has a photo ID and has (1 and 2) written in it, it can serve as your ID for most purposes

I might be forgetting something, but the above are expected for all citizens. God help you if you are mugged with those in your wallet. It can take weeks to get new copies. And the birth certificate is the greatest pain of all, so almost everyone presents copies when required.


Icelandic Company Designs Human Pylons 142 142

Lanxon writes "An architecture and design firm called Choi+Shine has submitted a design for the Icelandic High-Voltage Electrical Pylon International Design Competition which proposes giant human-shaped pylons carrying electricity cables across the country's landscape, reports Wired. The enormous figures would only require slight alterations to existing pylon designs, says the firm, which was awarded an Honorable mention for its design by the competition's judging board. It also won an award from the Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture competition."

Monkeys Exhibit the Same Economic Irrationality As Us 254 254

grrlscientist writes "Laurie Santos is trying to find the roots of human irrationality by watching the way our primates make decisions. This video documents a clever series of experiments in 'monkeynomics' and shows that some of the stupid decisions we make are made by our primate relatives too."

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