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Comment Re:Yes but... (Score 1) 101

Or you could just take note that Linus is becoming more of a manager than a raw code producer.

Of course, this is completely normal and part of the process a developer goes through in their lives as they progress through their stages.

Its just something to note, no need to get all offended, especially since we're not even talking about you, Fanboy. Linus will eventually stop writing code for Linux all together for any number of reasons, including the inevitable death.

Pull your panties out of your crack and move on. No one is insulting your God.

Do you always blow a tampon when someone expresses their discontent with an author's presumed attitude? Did I effectively express that you are a bitch for being so insulting?

Comment Re:Has there been a trial? (Score 1) 533

There was a photo of this slag sucking off a dog. She blew Lassie. Here's a comment I found by someone who claimed to have visited her studio twice, but only for Zumba, not the happy ending.

"Charges that she will be facing are not only prostitution but drugs, tax evasion, coercion, child welfare and a host of others. When it finally goes public it is going to be a juggernaut. Based on what I was told, her clients (since the investigation had started) may be bummed out to hear that Alexis wasn't the only one filming them. Good luck with that one fellas if the DA wants to pursue a larger case...and this is one that could be termed a "career maker"."

If you're so concerned about the presumption of innocence maybe you should focus your energies on the Zimmerman fiasco.

Comment Re:Church and Einstein (Score 1) 414

For the most part, religion is not about being pressured to do good deeds. It's about being pressured to not commit heinous acts against one another, under the threat of suffering consequences in the afterlife. It's entirely possible to live and let live without performing a list of "good deeds".

Comment Re:Obligated to point out another security concern (Score 0) 226

I so wish I had mod points for you. I bet money borrowed at negative interest that h4rr4r, like all moonbats, will pretend you didn't point out the fallacy of his/her remarks. Slashdot seems to be going the way of Digg & Reddit. Infested by rabid progressives.

Comment Re:Rome (Score 1) 227

You mean the US which has been occupied by Crown loyalists since the Declaration of Independence & doesn't even own the right to print it's own money & is co-opted from the inside by Socialist dissenters hell bent on creating an American Union (AU) & who's foreign, domestic, and economic policies do not represent the majority of it's citizens? Do you mean that US?

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