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Comment Outrageous pricing model. (Score 2) 97

I work the print communications production business. With todays prices for materials, labor and other intangibles the price to produce a modern paper back book is on the order of about 2 to 4 dollars depending on page count. The price to produce an e-book is mere pennies per sale of an individual downloaded book. E-books have turned out to be one of the biggest rip offs of the second decade of this century. These over priced e-books are a just a cash grab by publishers. It makes you wonder what portion of the price goes to the author and how much to the publishing house.

Comment Fundamentally broken. (Score 1) 413

If a process is allowed to grab 100 percent of CPU time then the operating system itself is fundamentally broken and no amount of fixing the app that grabs that amount of CPU is going to fix the problem. That being said....

Turn off automatic updates. If you can.

You can kill the offending svchost that is running wuauctl that is bogging your system down (sometimes this can take as much as 10 minutes or more on a slower machine) but it will just rerun at some later time putting you right back where you started. Sometimes the task manager will allow you to set the priority of the offending svchost to a lower amount most times it won't it's a crap shoot.
Rebooting will not help you because as soon as you reboot windows will run wuauctl under an svchost and your right back to square one.

or if your paranoid and want those updates

Since the task manager won't even list wuauctl as the culprit as that runs under svchost. Trust me wuauctl is the culprit here.
Get Process Explorer it will show all the running sub process's of a running svchost and will allow you to reset the priority to a lower amount. So....
Get process explorer if you can and set the offending wuauctl process priority to as low as you can set it.
That should net you about 15 to 20 percent of the CPU for the desktop and other apps. About enough
to surf the web but not enough to play a game or do anything else requiring all that much cpu.

Then sit back and enjoy your outdated buggy OS as it updates slowly.

Comment I have a theory. (Score 1) 85

When the earth and moon collided it was not a high speed affair, or at least not as high speed as most celestial collisions, and happened much later than most theories have it doing so. Part of the moons crust at the time peeled off during the collision and formed most of the land masses we now have on earth. Most of the detritus of the collision continued to rotate about the earth and moon causing many many meteor strikes on both planets. Like I said it's just a theory.

Comment The state of investigating digestive system .... (Score 1) 470

Diseases and ailments is pathetic. I have had digestive system problems since I was 25 and am now over 50.
The last digestive system guy I visited who was highly educated from a good medical school (UofM) said and I quote..
"You just have a rotten gut". Yes I blinked. I wanted to ask how much he paid for his medical education. But I just
walked out shaking my head.

It took the guy that proposed that ulcers were caused by bacterial infections 5 plus years to put his idea and his
research data into the medical communities awareness. If the medical community is that resistant to new ideas what other things
have been missed due to not thinking outside the box or being forced by ridicule to withdraw a sound idea from publication.

Comment Only 3. (Score 1) 867

SuSE 6.2
Redhat 6.1
Slackware 7.2 through 13.37

I hate distro bloat and Slackware does not have major amounts of bloat.
I've built some damn near bullet proof web/email servers and firewalls for small business's with Slackware.
Some of which are still running 6 or 7 years later with only fairly minor security upgrades and regular hard drive replacements.
Yes I do get over 99 percent uptime.

I also use Slackware for my personal desktop box.

I'm a confirmed Slackware fanatic.

Comment Re:Standing Desk setup (Score 1) 262


    I agree with most of your comment. I find that the keyboard in the lap method saves my neck and upper back some serious grief.
If I have to reach for the keyboard or mouse for any length of time I get serious pinched nerves and muscle tension in my upper back.
When sitting in a chair and completely relaxed your hands are probably resting on your lap about mid thigh palms down and fingers
slightly curled. Now put a keyboard there. Your mouse should be off to the side at the same level as your keyboard. I use a small
tv dining table to place the mouse at the correct height. I prefer a high backed chair with good lumbar support. Neck muscle
tension can exist down the front of your chest as well as your back. I find that a high backed chair leaned slightly back with a pillow behind my head aids in
relieving this problem.

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