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Submission + - SwarmRobot competion about to close (

spanner888 writes: "Hoping some hackerspaces or members might be interested in this competition:

        "To enter: Write a submission on what you would do with the SwarmRobot PCBs. The winners will be those displaying the best spirit of open sharing and learning in what they intend to do with the PCBs and how they intend to do this."

Prizes 15 PCB pairs (main controller and IR shield).

        Individuals – 5 prizes of 1 PCB pair
        Maker/Hacker spaces or other like minded groups – 2 prizes, each of 5 pairs of PCBs"

Comment Re:To answer OP (Score 1) 20

1. I am asking around for contact details for the Robo Peak guys so they can answer, as I can't see any contact info on what I think is their site/blog www, 2. I have taken this great Slashdot opportunity to make an earlier launch of a competition for the award winning SwarmRobots - see

Submission + - First Shanghai Maker Carnival ( 1

spanner888 writes: "The First Shanghai Maker Carnival was held this weekend in conjunction with a Creation Exhibition, an arts and crafts expo with about 200 exhibitors. Makers attended from Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen and visitors came from around China.

Article & photos:

More photos are in this post:

Videos are in this post:

Other photos can be found in this thread:"

A rock store eventually closed down; they were taking too much for granite.