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+ - Building Secure Web Applications->

Submitted by ChelleChelle
ChelleChelle (969883) writes "In today's era of user-generated content, securing Web apps is more difficult than ever. But it's not a lost cause, according to George V. Neville-Neil. In this article he defines the three main problems that people try to solve by building secure Web applications, discussing the current state of existing solutions as well as many unsolved problems."
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The Courts

Can Apple + AT&T Shut Down iPhone Unlockers? 318

Posted by kdawson
from the cell-phone-contracts-are-not-copyrighted dept.
aalobode writes "Do Apple and AT&T have the legal right to stop hackers from selling unlocked iPhones? Under their terms, only AT&T may sell iPhones, and Apple gets a commission. When unlocked iPhones are used on other providers' networks, AT&T and hence Apple get nothing beyond what they earned on the initial sale of the hardware. Can they prohibit unlocking? Reselling? The article in Businessweek gives the for and against arguments, but leans toward the view that the hackers may have the law on their side for once."

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