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Comment Go HO (American Flyer) or O (Lionel) (Score 1) 149

I grew up in Lionel so I've got nostalgia for them. They have a good size, HO and O have a "human" size to them, easy to handle and tinker with. I wrote a bit about Lionel If I started again I would probably go HO, O can take up a lot of space.

Comment Re:I'm confused (Score 1) 589

Yes, the Internet mob wants to agree on what is just and attack those who are against that. Sony is bad, they do tons of crappy things, but what is happening to Sony Pictures right now is worse. We'll bash Sony another day when they aren't be eviscerated by a group threatening to kill people and still put peace in their name.

Comment open source software isn't banned (Score 5, Informative) 246

On the open source topic see another discussion here and this quote by SimonPStevens

They aren't prohibiting "Free Software", they are prohibiting software that is under a license that requires the distributor to pass certain rights along to the recipient. Hence GPL like licenses that require distribution of source code, and that you grant redistribution rights to everyone you distribute it to are being explicitly prohibited. (And in fairness I can see why those licenses would cause problems for Microsoft as distributors) On the other hand BSD like licenses that allow you to repackage and distribute without source and without passing rights forward are acceptable.

Comment sample site (Score 1) 153

As an aside for those interested in how easy it is to setup or how much you can customize it. I setup this site for my last job at (its been a bit butchered since then so your mileage may vary) and it had a steep learning curve but was extremely powerful and very easy to customize.

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