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Comment: Re:How about... (Score 4, Insightful) 617

by sorrowsjudge (#33057396) Attached to: School District Drops 'D' Grades
I don't think that removing Ds from the scale is going to do anything. If they don't want to give credit for a D, then don't! Giving a bit of granularity to the system, saying "you almost passed, try a bit harder" is a lot different than "you were nowhere near passing. Why don't you try something else instead?"

Comment: Re:Well, the French will be pissed (Score 1) 355

by Mindcontrolled (#31985408) Attached to: How To Grow a Head
Actually I have been thinking about having my enemies beheaded several times, just for the fun of it, when I finally take over world domination and declare myself Eternal God-Emperor. Can always dispose of them properly later, and the people love a good beheading on Sunday afternoon. What better way to demonstrate that those fallen from my Grace are not better than ordinary flatworms?

Comment: Re:The reality is... (Score 2, Interesting) 544

by RobDude (#31985394) Attached to: Review of HTC Desire As Alternative To iPhone

I'm not sure why people say this.

I recently purchased my first android phone. People say that it is 'open'. But, people say a lot of things.

My phone isn't open. It's very much locked down. If I want to delete an application like 'Sprint Nascar Cup' - I can't. It won't let me.

If I call up Sprint customer support and ask them how to delete it, they tell me it's impossible. I know, because I asked. It can't be done.

'Rooting' the phone is possible; but it violates your warranty, it forfeits your right to customer service, and comes with some risk of bricking your phone. If you are willing to take that risk; how is that any different from what is available with the iPhone?

Comment: In my opinion... (Score 1) 212

by Antony-Kyre (#31984518) Attached to: McAfee To Pay For PC Repairs After Patch Fiasco

reasonable expenses shouldn't exceed the average cost that a data recovery business would charge. And it would be simple enough to see that the drive is okay, that all you need is to fix the missing files in question. If I had to guess, I'd say $99 max comes to mind.

I say the simplest option would be to provide some free service. Maybe a couple year's worth. This way they wouldn't have to write out a check to everyone. I'm not saying this isn't a bad thing that happened, but I'm just thinking of easy solutions for both sides. (Thankfully, I don't use McAfee.)

Comment: Slashdot is also engaged in this (Score 0, Redundant) 212

by BadAnalogyGuy (#31984116) Attached to: McAfee To Pay For PC Repairs After Patch Fiasco

Replying here in the comments since we all know people don't read the summary, much less the article. :-)

Slashdot is also involved in reimbursing McAfee users who have fallen victim to this problem.

Please contact or if you have been inconvenienced by this patch update bug.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Comment: Phoenix Wright (Score 1) 622

by sorrowsjudge (#24375425) Attached to: Have Modern Gamers Lost the Patience For Puzzles?
All this discussion and nobody's brought up Phoenix Wright? That series of games is nothing but puzzles, and all of them make sense. I've played through 2 of them, and there was only 1 time in each game that I felt was ridiculously hard (what do you mean I have to look at the painting then the desk then the painting again? There's no clue on the desk that makes me want to look at the painting again! ARGH!) The "puzzles" aren't puzzles in the truest sense of the word, but you do have to think about the topic at hand and decide which piece of evidence would fit best into the situation... isn't that a puzzle?

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