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Comment: Re:Enjoy. (Score 1) 607

by sonofabeach (#35439320) Attached to: US House Subcommittee Votes To Kill Net Neutrality
I'm not disagreeing with you (though I have my doubts), but I don't see how this is the relevant figure. Surely the right figure is per person, as you have in your figure. Then the question would be how to compare spending on "social programs" when they don't match up in any particularly easy way across countries.

Town Gets Patent On Being the Center of Europe 169

Posted by samzenpus
from the continental-drift-be-damned dept.
An anonymous reader writes "And you thought software patents were going to far? How about geography patents? Apparently, as a part of the weird fight over what place in Europe represents the 'geophysical center of Europe,' the Austrian town of Frauenkirchen has received a patent (Austrian patent AM 7738/2003) declaring it the center of Europe. Not clear how one 'infringes' on such a patent, but then again, it's not clear why anyone's patenting this either."

Comment: Re:Why we shouldn't care about ipad-based magazine (Score 1) 207

by sonofabeach (#32395164) Attached to: Is Wired's App Really the Future of Magazines?
I like your approach, however the ratio of the population reading Time on the iPad should be adjusted upwards because we can probably exclude some segments of the US population who are not likely to be either Time Magazine readers nor iPad owners (e.g. people without much disposable income). So, given that someone is an iPad owner, my intuition is that they are also more likely to read Time (when compared to the general U.S. population which was used to create the 1% ratio) because they probably share more social and demographic characteristics.

But nevertheless you're right, even if the percentage of iPad owners reading time was 2% or 5% or heck even 10% (and even if those iPad readers are more valuable from advertiser's perspective, which is not necessarily true because it depends on the advertiser), it doesn't look like an iPad is going to replace a paper copy of a magazine anytime soon. It would be cool to make some bets about this though.

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