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Comment: About players skill (Score 1) 463

by son1dow (#28647717) Attached to: The Dilemma of Level vs. Skill In MMOs

Yes, it's kinda offtopic, but many of people here already got character\player skills mixed so I'm going to throw my two cents anyway.

MMOs do not take skill. It's a fact. Not that they don't take any skill whatsoever, but they cap the player's skill in so many ways that it's really hard to excel. And it's only natural - today, most popular games are the casual ones (a.k.a. braindead ones. Even FPS'es get stuff like grenade detectors - it's just sad).

Now, there's different games. Take a good 1v1 FPS Deathmatch game for example (Quake Live?). Take a good strategy game (there's only one RIGHT answer for this - Starcraft). There's allso teamplay FPS'es, but they tend to be all about aiming, map knowledge and teamplay - both starcraft and quake require much more. If you think theese are skill-less I dare you play a match of Quake Live against me - and I'm not nearly as good as the worst of the players attending torunaments. And it's not only aiming\micro\macro\etc - there's just so many ways to outsmart your opponent, I was just amazed when I discovered how high level Quake 3 matches are played for example.

The problem is, that apart from few successful titles (starcraft and hopefully, Quake Live as it's the hope for all deathmatch players), they're not really worth the effor balancing\etc - people like simple games and this is how the world rolls. Some would say "Get over it", but I hope that Starcraft 2 and Quake Live will gain some mainsteam success - people should at least know what competitive gaming is about. I'm not saying that everybody should be playing, but those 13-year olds playing every new braindead FPS should either try their chances on a game that takes skill or just shut the fuck up.

Comment: Re:priority? (Score 1) 117

by son1dow (#27799731) Attached to: <em>Quake Live</em> Dev Says Mac and Linux Are "Top Priority"
Because firstly, it's OpenGL. It's damn easy to port it to Linux. Second, it's not that type of a game that you're used to see. Their market is everybody that uses a browser, thus having it run on every computer is a lot more important. Not that I think they would port it to Linux if porting it to OS X wouldn't be half of the job ;)

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