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+ - Feedly Forces its Users to Create Google+ Profiles

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somegeekynick (1011759) writes "Feedly users, a lot of whom migrated from the now-defunct Google Reader, are now finding out that they will not be able to login to the service without a Google+ Profile. In a blog post from Edwin Khodabakchian, which was posted almost at the same time the change rolled out, the reason for the change is stated as following Google's own move from using OAuth to Google+ for authentication. What has riled up a lot of users, as can be read in the comments, is that this change has come without warning and a lot of feeds are now being "held hostage" by Feedly, especially for users who are reluctant to create Google+ Profiles."

Comment: Re:Ground vs Space (Score 1) 74

by somegeekynick (#39461899) Attached to: Massive Construction Effort Begins For World's Largest Telescope
What you're referring to is interferometry. I came across a news in the last few months that someone somewhere making suggestions along similar lines. As has already been said, space-based observation is comparatively costlier both to build (and send it up) and difficult to maintain or upgrade compared to ground-based installations.

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by somegeekynick (#35077484) Attached to: Universe 250+ Times Bigger Than What Is Observable

That observation never quite sat with me though. It works for an ant - incapable of reason, but swap out the situation for a PERSON sitting on another circular surface (like, say, a planet), and we have figured out quite readily that our surface is unending but finite - it's obvious - go in another direction and you end up circling back.

The analogy has nothing to do with the intelligence of the creatures. I agree that ants on a balloon are no different than humans on Earth, so the appropriate analogy will involve imaginary two-dimensional creatures on the two-dimensional surface of the balloon (similar to three-dimensional humans roaming about in a universe with three spatial dimensions). You should consider the surface as it is and not as being embedded in a higher-dimension space, i.e. you should neither consider the volume occupied by the balloon nor the space surrounding it.

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