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User Journal

soliptic's Journal: Random dose of MS hate - IIS wtf

Journal by soliptic

So, I'm trying to serve some flash movies.

Pretty simple task in 2008, surely?

Well, get this... because IE is a festering hunk of shit that simply doesnt work, you can't just add a simple <object>, but you have to monkey around with nested <object> tags instead - just because MS simply cant write software that works.

So far, so predictable. I don't do anything in this web dev game without assuming that 2 minutes work will sort Ff/Safari/Opera/Konq/etc, but making it work in IE as well will give me a day of pain.

But THEN guess what?

If you're unlucky enough to have a Windows hosting environment, you cant do that either, because... er... MS simply cant write software that works.

IIS claims you cant embed object tags. ASP error 0139. erm. excuse me?

For one thing: yes you can, GO READ THE FUCKING RFC YOU CRETINS.

For another thing: what earthly reason does IIS have for checking my DOM validity anyway? You are a webserver not a bloody validator, everything outside ASP tags is just a stream of text to you, and I expect you to serve whatever bloody characters are in that stream, not pick and choose which arrangements of characters are acceptable to you.

Or at least if you are going to be fussy about what tags i can and cant nest, READ THE FUCKING RFC and complain when I do something that is ACTUALLY forbidden, not something explicitly possible by design.

Fortunately, their software is sufficiently shit that you can bypass this "error-checking" rather easily with empty ASP tags.

So to recap:

  • You can't do what you should be able to do, because their client software sucks donkey cock
  • You can't do the workaround for their donkey-cock-sucking client software, because their server software sucks donkey cock and stops you
  • You can work around the donkey-cock-sucking server software stopping your workaround, because their server software sucks donkey cock

Glad we've got that cleared up.

Dear Microsoft, you UTTERLY FAIL at every single aspect of internet related technology I have ever come across. Here's a friendly hint on how to make your software suck less donkey cock: READ THE FUCKING RFCs.

Jesus fucking wept.

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Random dose of MS hate - IIS wtf

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