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+ - Wireless network modded to see through walls-> 1

Submitted by
KentuckyFC writes "The way radio signals vary in a wireless network can reveal the movement of people behind closed doors, say researchers who have developed a technique called variance-based radio tomographic imaging which processes wireless signals to peer through walls. They've tested the idea with a 34-node wireless network using the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless protocol (the personal area network protocol employed by home automation services such as ZigBee). The researchers say that such a network could be easily distributed by the police or military wanting to determine what's going on inside a building. But such a network, which uses cheap off-the-shelf components, might also be easily deployed by your neighbor or anybody else wanting to monitor movements in your home."
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+ - Schneier: We need better un-authentication->

Submitted by
Trailrunner7 writes "Bruce Schenier writes on In computer security, a lot of effort is spent on the authentication problem. Whether it is passwords, secure tokens, secret questions, image mnemonics, or something else, engineers are continually coming up with more complicated — and hopefully more secure — ways for you to prove you are who you say you are over the Internet. This is important stuff, as anyone with an online bank account or remote corporate network knows. But a lot less thought and work have gone into the other end of the problem: how do you tell the system on the other end of the line that you are no longer there? How do you unauthenticate yourself? My home computer requires me to log out or turn my computer off when I want to unauthenticate. This works for me because I know enough to do it, but lots of people just leave their computer on and running when they walk away. As a result, many office computers are left logged in when people go to lunch, or when they go home for the night. This, obviously, is a security vulnerability."
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+ - Gameboy Color Boot ROM Dumped After 10 Years->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Costis was able to dump the elusive boot ROM from the Gameboy Color by using various voltage and clock glitching tricks. The boot ROM is what initializes the Gameboy hardware, displays the "GAMEBOY" logo and animation, and makes the trademarked "cling!" sound effect. Even decapping the CPU had failed previously, but now the boot image and specifics on how it was dumped (along with many photos) are available for download at"
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+ - Pirate Party Germany at 2% on German Federal Elect->

Submitted by
krischik writes "The German Pirate Party received 2% of the votes on last Sundays federal elections in Germany. While this is not enough the pass the 5% / 3 direct seats minimum requirement to enter parliament it is still more then the 1.5% Green Party received on there first run in 1980. At it's time the Green Party needed three runs to enter parliament. The Pirate Party is now the strongest of the minor parties.

For those who wonder: Seats in the German Parliament are half assigned by direct votes and half assigned by proportional representation. To qualify any seats from the proportional pool you need 3 seats from direct candidates or 5% of proportional votes."

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The Internet

+ - Xiph.Org Releases Statement Regarding Ogg in HTML5->

Submitted by
xiphmont writes "We at Xiph.Org have carefully crafted a response to the current brouhaha over Ogg being temporarily removed from the baseline of the HTML5 standard. We felt the need to respond, we just didn't see the need overreact on 'Internet Time'. This is a battle that has a long way to go and we all need to show our support for the W3C and their struggle to keep the standard unified and free of encumbered technology.

In case you didn't see the little link above, the statement is here."

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+ - Wikipedia "private" Checkuser usage

Submitted by
wikinerdiest writes "Wikipedians are again struggling with back channel invasions of Users' privacy'_noticeboard#.22Private.22_Checkuser_use . This time it is the frequent(admitted) use by many administrators of backchannel (IRC,email) methods to request and obtain Checkuser information without the User checked being made aware of it. This process completely circumvents their official process at which seems to be little more than a facade for public consumption. While the official process makes note of the right of Users to complain of privacy breaches, the "private checkuser request" process makes that right mute since the User may not be even made aware Checkuser was used."
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - The top ten off switches

Submitted by Dan Jimbokla
Dan Jimbokla (666) writes " has a truly funny and read-worthy article up about the top ten off switches. One of my favorite switches from the piece is #4 — The illuminated toggle switch: "This switch isn't designed for high-drain uses, typically it can only provide a maximum of 20 amps at 12 volts. That will make it suitable for a number of exciting uses though, and what it lacks in power handling, it makes up for in practicality. This switch will illuminate when the device it controls is turned on, and go off when the device is deactivated. This is logical and practical, and that has earned this switch a place in our hearts. What's more, it's far from expensive and there are even a choice of colours.""
The Almighty Buck

+ - Cash Only and two iPhones to a Customer 1

Submitted by
Ponca City, We Love You
Ponca City, We Love You writes "Last week Slashdot readers discussed the 250,000 iPhones that had been purchased but not registered with ATT that Apple thinks are being unlocked and in many cases sold overseas. The New York Times now reports that Apple has now taken action to curb unauthorized resellers by limiting sales of the iPhone to two per customer. In addition, iPhone purchases must now be made with a credit or debit card — cash will not be accepted."

+ - shutdown

Submitted by
1gkn1ght writes "Looks like the long running P2P music sharing site has finally been shutdown. Going to their site gives you this message.

"This site has been closed as a result of a criminal investigation by IFPI, BPI, Cleveland Police and the Fiscal Investigation Unit of the Dutch Police (FIOD ECD) into suspected illegal music distribution.

A criminal investigation continues into the identities and activities of the site's users"

Unofficial Patch For Windows URI Hole 85

Posted by kdawson
from the mother-please-i'd-rather-patch-it-myself dept.
dg2fer writes "For more than two months, the vulnerability of parsing URIs has been known for a number of Windows programs, including Outlook, Adobe Reader, IRC clients, and many more. Microsoft admitted the vulnerability only last week. The latest Microsoft patches published on October's Patch Tuesday did not include a solution, so hackers have taken on the problem themselves. One, KJK::Hyperion, has published (as open source) an unofficial patch that cleans up the critical parameters of URI system calls before calling the vulnerable Windows system function."

+ - DNA Nobel prize discoverer accused of racism

Submitted by
Lisandro writes "The Independent reports that James D. Watson, Nobel Prize winner for his work on the unravelling of DNA, declared on a newspaper interview that the assumption that black people is as intelligent as white people is wrong, which led to widespread racism accusations. "All our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours — whereas all the testing says not really", he stated. He also added that the idea that of "equal powers of reason" were shared across racial groups was a delusion, claiming that genes responsible for creating differences in human intelligence could be found within a decade."

+ - Ubuntu 7.10 is available 1

Submitted by
VincenzoRomano writes "The latest releases of Ubuntu for desktop and server are available today for download. This release brings together the best of free and open source software delivered on a stable, easy to use and learn platform. Read the press releases or download it now.
Among all other news, this new version should have a better support for the hardware and a deeper compatibility with Windows (provided that you are willing to).
Of course also the siblings have been updated, namely KUbuntu (but still not using KDE 4), EdUbuntu and XUbuntu."

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