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Comment: Re:How is iTunes a monopoly? (Score 2, Insightful) 370

by sockonafish (#35593204) Attached to: Steve Jobs Questioned In iTunes Monopoly Suit

That's just Apple refusing to support a DRM scheme other than their own, especially one that essentially broke Apple's DRM.

Unencumbered media would still have loaded onto an iPod just fine. If Real weren't so incompetent, they would've pioneered DRM-free music sales, and might have saved themselves from becoming irrelevant.

Comment: Re:No you cant (Score 1) 557

by sockonafish (#35407454) Attached to: Can For-Profit Tech Colleges Be Trusted?

This post is a perfect illustration of why I can use attendance at a for-profit as a signal that a candidate's critical thinking skills are deficient. They didn't consider the options and choose the one that offered the best value or best job placement opportunities, they chose the one with the best sales pitch. I wouldn't hire such a candidate, and I especially wouldn't hire that candidate if the job called for making purchasing decisions.

You'll pay more in tuition alone for a disreputable degree from a for-profit than you would for everything –books, room and board, fees –at a state school. My local community college charges less per credit hour for an out of state student than U Phoenix does for their AA credit hours! Residents pay a third of what out-of-staters pay!

Comment: Re:I wonder what would happen... (Score 1) 314

by sockonafish (#34954514) Attached to: Underwater Nuclear Power Plant Proposed In France

Water is a fantastic shield. The halving thickness of water is 18cm. At 1.8 meters away, you'd only have .5 ^ 10 of the radiation being emitted at the source, or 0.098%. Increase it to 3.6 meters and you're at .5 ^ 20, or .0000954%.

Not to mention, the material that's emitting radiation, if it were to get loose, would quickly settle on to the seabed. These are the heaviest of metals.

Comment: Re:Too fucking bad.. (Score 1) 502

by sockonafish (#34879562) Attached to: Palin's E-Mail Hacker Imprisoned Against Judge's Wishes

He didn't guess her password, he guessed the answer to the secret question used to reset her password. If I remember right, the question was, "Where did you meet your husband?" The answer –"Wasilla High."

Coverage of this story would be much better if it communicated how terrible it is to secure an account with such un-secret "secret" knowledge.

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