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Comment: Olive oil? (Score 5, Informative) 165

by sochdot (#45825549) Attached to: What Would French Fries Taste Like If You Made Them On Jupiter?
I would think olive oil a poor choice for making french fries. In general, olive oil has too low of a smoke point; it just doesn't get hot enough to fry things well. Maybe the increased pressure made a lower oil temp better? I was always taught to use olive oil as a flavoring on pastas, salads, bread, etc. but never for actual hot-oil-cooking.

Comment: Cash money, my friends. (Score 1) 622

by sochdot (#40499317) Attached to: The PHP Singularity
There is a very simple reason that I still use PHP quite a lot: there's a thriving market for it. If you are a good, responsible coder who knows how to navigate the pitfalls of PHP, people will pay you, and pay you well, to do it. Feel free to complain that PHP is a messy, crappy language; I'll agree with you all the way to the bank.

Comment: Re:So says the religious guy. (Score 1) 1237

by sochdot (#39129753) Attached to: Santorum Calls Democrats 'Anti-Science'

... Both parties want the US to be the center of learning and scientific breakthroughs.

I'm not so sure about that. That would require dedication to exceptional public education and broad funding of research. I don't see either party clambering to improve public education or allocating any significant funding to research anything unless it's designed to kill people.

Comment: Wind (Score 1) 498

by sochdot (#38818049) Attached to: Where does your electricity come from?
Our power company, Madison Gas & Electric (Madison, WI), offers customers the option to choose how much of our power comes from wind for a minor kw/h price increase. We opt for 100% wind power; the bill is about $8/month higher than it would be from coal & natural gas. Of course, we have no way to verify what they do, but I'm absolutely happy to pay extra to try reduce my footprint and to show them that it's a viable business.

Comment: Drupal changed my life (Score 2, Interesting) 122

by sochdot (#26397219) Attached to: Using Drupal

I'm not kidding. So much of what I used to do for a living is trivial with Drupal. Writing custom modules for our clients is fun again and I never have to worry about mundane every-site stuff like user management, perms, front controller name it; if it's common, Drupal will do it for you. Or a contrib module will.

I started picking up Drupal in late 2005, played and learned for a couple of years, and 2008 was almost entirely Drupal builds. From where we worked out serious data handling, to in seven languages, to with it's graphic-heavy design, I've had a blast working with this system!

Er, I didn't actually mean to trot out portfolio highlights there...but what the hell, those are good examples of what you can do with Drupal (and how to make your Drupal site not look like a Drupal site). This is what happens when someone gets me talking about Drupal. Yay!

Back on-topic: Thanks for the review. I'll definitely be picking up this book. If it's anything like Pro Drupal Development from Apress, it'll pay for itself in the first chapter with some nugget that saves me an hour!

Comment: Re:Enhanced user experience (Score 1) 309

by sochdot (#23399358) Attached to: Charter Is Latest ISP To Plan Wiretapping Via DPI
I live in Madison and hope to make it. Thanks for letting me know. I also just dashed off an email about this CC'd to Larry Palm (my alder) and the offices of the mayor and city attorney. I have no idea who has the real power in this situation, but it sounds like that meeting will be a good place to start. -Jason

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