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Comment Re:Add-ins (Score 1) 662

I can't go through and cover your entire list, but I do know that there's an IE addin to do DOM Inspection.

Or, you could use Firebug lite.

Sure, its capabilities are pretty limited compared to real firebug, and you need to include a script in your webpage, but it can still be a great help in debugging web pages in IE.

Comment Re:how is this new? (Score 2, Interesting) 96

Peter Watts explores this subject (among many other interesting topics - including existence of free will, the chinese room, and the nature of empathy and sentience) in his newest book, 'Blindsight'. It's a pretty good read.

The book is available online here: It's published under Creative Commons license.

Comment Re:Thinking Ipod Touch + Stanza instead. (Score 1) 451

I switched from Tungsten T2 to iPhone recently. I use both mainly for reading ebooks, and so far I'm pleasantly suprised with the iPhone. Same should apply to iPod touch, I guess.

The screen has a better resolution, which means you can use a serif font - which in my opinion is easier to read. It's big enough for comfortable reading.

Touch interface is neat, but doesn't make a lot of a difference when it comes to ebooks.

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