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Comment Re: Why is Samsung making a keyboard? (Score 1) 104 104

Mod parent up! I have one other suggestion.. Root your beautiful piece of Samsung HARDWARE and replace its software with CyanogenMod which is updated every night and even better than Nexus because it is mostly stock Android but also has a neat feature called Privacy Guard which allows the user fine grained controls over app permissions. There are many more reasons to go this route but I won't go on. This is the best of both worlds IMO and I won't ever go back to Samsung bastardized Android ever.

Comment Cyanogenmod (Score 1) 434 434

All Google needs to do is open source gapps and we're rockin and rollin our own, legally. BTW - Bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4" and the first thing I did was root it and put CM12. That fixes most problems you have with it as it comes out of the box. Fuck you Samsung.

Comment Re:Cue angry fat chicks in 3..2..1.. (Score 1) 369 369

Personally, I am happily married with 2 beautiful kids that my wife and I both decided to have as planned pregnancies. Her cousin OTOH has tried to trap a number of men as have some of her friends.. Its rather disgusting to see such disregard for the life of a child from its own mother, who is attempting to use it for personal financial gain. I'm not suggesting all women behave that way or that no men do anything similar.. Just that the option for a man to control whether his sperm will or won't cause a pregnancy is a great thing for society where it can prevent unwanted pregnancies in this specific case.

Comment Cue angry fat chicks in 3..2..1.. (Score 0, Flamebait) 369 369

How else are they going to keep a man if they can't trap him by 'forgetting' to take their pill? I personally view this as a boon for men who until now, other than condoms, have only had a mostly irreversible surgical procedure to ensure they don't get trapped by some evil wench into a lifetime of torture. Bravo.

Comment Re:Only if they pay for infections this causes (Score 1) 740 740

While I don't personally disagree with the science on principal (its been shown to be effective for a long time) I would say that science has been wrong in the past. Back on point though, I think though the issue for many is if the science is so sound why don't they promote it that way? The scare tactics only make people suspicious and when big pharm is involved many people's trust levels are automatically lowered from the outset.

Comment Re:Only if they pay for infections this causes (Score 0) 740 740

I take my car to a mechanic who I trust. I fly with an airline I trust. I take my sick child to a doctor I trust. Oh wait a minute.. My child isn't actually sick yet. However I have a government health organization attempting to scare me into believing that if I don't take some steps that my child will get sick.. Do you not a see the point.. It is all about trust. In fact pretty much everything wrong with government in this era is the lack of trustworthiness so why should it be any different when it comes to the health of your children for fucks sake..

Comment Re:Only if they pay for infections this causes (Score 1) 740 740

General concerns as to the side effects.. Its risk vs benefit.. How good is this for my child basically. My point is that they spend so much energy just trying to ram it down our throats that it does invoke some sense of suspicion as to the motives. I do think less scare mongering and a more trustworthy demeanor, rationale based promotion would go a long way to improving vaccination rates.

Comment Re:Only if they pay for infections this causes (Score 1) 740 740

Yea because vaccines suddenly make it impossible to contract the disease

I'm not against vaccination but as a parent x2 let me tell you that public health officials and pharmaceutical companies have not done enough in my view to earn the trust of people who have valid concerns about the health risks associated with today's vaccines.

Instead, we are met with two politically polarized viewpoints and aggressive people on both sides which really doesn't make things any easier. Oh and by the way parents do have a choice.. 'Religious beliefs' is a valid workaround at least in my corner of the world (non-US).

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