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Comment Re: Meh (Score 1) 149

Fair enough, but RHEL w/Satellite is what works for us, and we have a good support agreement (i.e. not as expensive as you might think). Also we're not using RHEL/KVM as the hypervisor, but VMware.. you're probably going to go ballistic now lol. Either way, I'm all for trailblazing but when it comes to what we do, well established is an imperative. Perhaps we'll look into SmartOS if it can manage to gather some traction in the future, and btw thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try one day soon.

Comment Re: Meh (Score 1) 149

Maybe its the right choice for what you are running.. I respect that. But I like simplicity and reliability as well as wide support for apps and virtualization. RH Satellite is a nice management tool as well. Its just easier for us to run with the sheep because everyone is familiar with it and it works. We are app driven, the OS is just an u derlying layer so we need it to be easy. Go ahead and trailblaze though.. That's how things end up getting included in mainstream Linux - albeit eventually.

Comment Re: Meh (Score 1) 149

Don't get me wrong, Solaris is better than AIX or HPUX but it still feels archaic compared to Linux. Dtrace - OK if you are debugging badly coded apps, or you could just open a support case with your vendor who wrote it; ZFS - I prefer to let the array handle all that stuff and use 'normal' filesystem like ext4; Zones - why bother, just run another VM. In my experience the tools provided by RHEL are sufficient and the apps we are running are more widely supported on RHEL. Because it is the more common choice in Enterprise envirinments makes it carry a lot of weight as well.

Comment Re: How racism? (Score 1) 578

I disagree, if you're speaking about immigration vs tourism that is. Nationalism is closely tied to societal customs, and if you like your society the way it is then you have to protect it from groups of people who would seek to change it. This is exactly the concern of the naysayers. To be fair I think most people don't oppose immigration so long as the immigrant groups allowed in have a history of integrating well with their current society. In other words, they don't like Muslim/Islamic culture. Go figure.

Comment Re: Idiocy. (Score 1) 394

I understand your concerns however I feel we need to find a way to get past this mentality for productivity's sake. What about the idea of putting the responsibility of security in the hands of the end user, through policies, training, certification prior to being allowed to bring their device onto the network and disciplinary measures for those who fail to comply? BYO end user devices could flourish instead of every end user being expected to conform to the corporate OS image and be just as productive as the guy next to him. A good intrusion detection strategy and mandatory monitoring and control software installed on the devices? I know many will scoff at the idea but really, the user is the problem, not the permissions. Why don't we put the onus on the end user instead?

Comment Re: Can we quit pretending that it's car "sharing (Score 1) 231

I think the point to be taken here is that this regulatory racketeering is totally unnecessary and if I was given the option to sign a waiver to take the uber then why not? Its much more convenient and economical and cuts out all the middle men. Fuck the insurance industry and the government. What have either of them done for me?

Comment Re: Why is Samsung making a keyboard? (Score 1) 104

Mod parent up! I have one other suggestion.. Root your beautiful piece of Samsung HARDWARE and replace its software with CyanogenMod which is updated every night and even better than Nexus because it is mostly stock Android but also has a neat feature called Privacy Guard which allows the user fine grained controls over app permissions. There are many more reasons to go this route but I won't go on. This is the best of both worlds IMO and I won't ever go back to Samsung bastardized Android ever.

Comment Re: I for one (Score 1) 96

No, these videos are actually traumatic and society functions better not having been generally subjected to them. If you want to find them they are out there but it serves no purpose to torture the average citizen with the traumatic reality of murder.

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