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Comment: Re:Cue angry fat chicks in 3..2..1.. (Score 1) 369

by snowsnoot (#49070673) Attached to: Two New Male Birth Control Chemicals In Advanced Stages
Personally, I am happily married with 2 beautiful kids that my wife and I both decided to have as planned pregnancies. Her cousin OTOH has tried to trap a number of men as have some of her friends.. Its rather disgusting to see such disregard for the life of a child from its own mother, who is attempting to use it for personal financial gain. I'm not suggesting all women behave that way or that no men do anything similar.. Just that the option for a man to control whether his sperm will or won't cause a pregnancy is a great thing for society where it can prevent unwanted pregnancies in this specific case.

Comment: Cue angry fat chicks in 3..2..1.. (Score 0, Flamebait) 369

by snowsnoot (#49068435) Attached to: Two New Male Birth Control Chemicals In Advanced Stages
How else are they going to keep a man if they can't trap him by 'forgetting' to take their pill? I personally view this as a boon for men who until now, other than condoms, have only had a mostly irreversible surgical procedure to ensure they don't get trapped by some evil wench into a lifetime of torture. Bravo.

Comment: Re:Only if they pay for infections this causes (Score 1) 740

by snowsnoot (#48967799) Attached to: New Jersey Gov. Christie: Parents Should Have Choice In Vaccinations
While I don't personally disagree with the science on principal (its been shown to be effective for a long time) I would say that science has been wrong in the past. Back on point though, I think though the issue for many is if the science is so sound why don't they promote it that way? The scare tactics only make people suspicious and when big pharm is involved many people's trust levels are automatically lowered from the outset.

Comment: Re:Only if they pay for infections this causes (Score 0) 740

by snowsnoot (#48964787) Attached to: New Jersey Gov. Christie: Parents Should Have Choice In Vaccinations
I take my car to a mechanic who I trust. I fly with an airline I trust. I take my sick child to a doctor I trust. Oh wait a minute.. My child isn't actually sick yet. However I have a government health organization attempting to scare me into believing that if I don't take some steps that my child will get sick.. Do you not a see the point.. It is all about trust. In fact pretty much everything wrong with government in this era is the lack of trustworthiness so why should it be any different when it comes to the health of your children for fucks sake..

Comment: Re:Only if they pay for infections this causes (Score 1) 740

by snowsnoot (#48964697) Attached to: New Jersey Gov. Christie: Parents Should Have Choice In Vaccinations
General concerns as to the side effects.. Its risk vs benefit.. How good is this for my child basically. My point is that they spend so much energy just trying to ram it down our throats that it does invoke some sense of suspicion as to the motives. I do think less scare mongering and a more trustworthy demeanor, rationale based promotion would go a long way to improving vaccination rates.

Comment: Re:Only if they pay for infections this causes (Score 1) 740

by snowsnoot (#48964049) Attached to: New Jersey Gov. Christie: Parents Should Have Choice In Vaccinations
Yea because vaccines suddenly make it impossible to contract the disease

I'm not against vaccination but as a parent x2 let me tell you that public health officials and pharmaceutical companies have not done enough in my view to earn the trust of people who have valid concerns about the health risks associated with today's vaccines.

Instead, we are met with two politically polarized viewpoints and aggressive people on both sides which really doesn't make things any easier. Oh and by the way parents do have a choice.. 'Religious beliefs' is a valid workaround at least in my corner of the world (non-US).

+ - In Daring Plan, Tomorrow SpaceX to Land a Rocket on the Earth

Submitted by HughPickens.com
HughPickens.com (3830033) writes "The cost of getting to orbit is exorbitant, because the rocket, with its multimillion-dollar engines, ends up as trash in the ocean after one launching, something Elon Musk likens to throwing away a 747 jet after a single transcontinental flight. That's why tomorrow morning at 620 am his company hopes to upend the economics of space travel in a daring plan by attempting to land the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket intact on a floating platform, 300 feet long and 170 feet wide in the Atlantic Ocean. SpaceX has attempted similar maneuvers on three earlier Falcon 9 flights, and on the second and third attempts, the rocket slowed to a hover before splashing into the water. “We’ve been able to soft-land the rocket booster in the ocean twice so far,” says Musk. “Unfortunately, it sort of sat there for several seconds, then tipped over and exploded. It’s quite difficult to reuse at that point.”

After the booster falls away and the second stage continues pushing the payload to orbit, its engines will reignite to turn it around and guide it to a spot about 200 miles east of Jacksonville, Florida. Musk puts the chances of success at 50 percent or less but over the dozen or so flights scheduled for this year, “I think it’s quite likely, 80 to 90 percent likely, that one of those flights will be able to land and refly.” SpaceX will offer its own launch webcast on the company's website beginning at 6 a.m. If SpaceX’s gamble succeeds, the company plans to reuse the rocket stage on a later flight. “Reusability is the critical breakthrough needed in rocketry to take things to the next level.""

Comment: I'm more productive when allowed to focus (Score 2) 420

by snowsnoot (#48701637) Attached to: The Open Office Is Destroying the Workplace
... such as when working remotely or in a place away from distraction. It allows me to prioritize tasks that I need to accomplish vs tasks someone else wants me to do for something they need to accomplish. Mostly though my work is autonomous in nature and doesn't require a whole lot of collaboration. I can see how the open office is essential for teams where work is accomplished in a real time collaborative effort. I hear rumours my employer will soon move to the open office model, would be interestin to see how productivity is affected, for me personally and for the organization as a whole.

+ - The Death of Voice Mail 1

Submitted by HughPickens.com
HughPickens.com (3830033) writes "Duane D. Stanford writes at Bloomberg that Coca-Cola's Atlanta Headquarters is the latest big campany to ditch its old-style voice mail, which requires users to push buttons to scroll through messages and listen to them one at a time. The change went into effect this month, and a standard outgoing message now throws up an electronic stiff arm, telling callers to try later or use “an alternative method” to contact the person. Techies have predicted the death of voice mail for years as smartphones co-opt much of the office work once performed by telephones and desktop computers. Younger employees who came of age texting while largely ignoring voice mail are bringing that habit into the workforce. “People north of 40 are schizophrenic about voice mail,” says Michael Schrage. “People under 35 scarcely ever use it.” Companies are increasingly combining telephone, e-mail, text and video systems into unified Internet-based systems that eliminate overlap. “Many people in many corporations simply don’t have the time or desire to spend 25 minutes plowing through a stack of 15 to 25 voice mails at the end or beginning of the day,” says Schrage, In 2012, Vonage reported its year-over-year voicemail volumes dropped 8%. More revealing, the number of people bothering to retrieve those messages plummeted 14%. More and more personal and corporate voicemail boxes now warn callers that their messages are rarely retrieved and that they’re better off sending emails or texts. "The truly productive have effectively abandoned voicemail, preferring to visually track who’s called them on their mobiles," concludes Schrage. "A communications medium that was once essential has become as clunky and irrelevant as Microsoft DOS and carbon paper.""

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