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+ - Motion-Sensing Cursor for Tablet PCs

Submitted by brunascle
brunascle (994197) writes "British Telecom is working on a plan to replace the keyboard and mouse with motion-sensing accelerometers on tablet PCs, which would allow users to interact with the PC simply by tilting it. The pilot project consists of a USB adapter that plugs directly into any tablet PC. "One of my initial applications entails using the PC to manipulate a marble on the screen," says BT researcher David Chatting. While motion-sension accelerometers certainly arent new, what with the huge success of the Wii and its Wiimote and the screen-rotating feature of the upcoming iPhone, this novel use of them opens up a wide range of opportunities for handheld devices."
PC Games (Games)

+ - Ryan Gordon on the future of Games on Linux

Submitted by
jvm writes "In a Q&A with LinuxGames, Ryan "icculus" Gordon lays out some brutal Linux gaming truths along with a few good reasons for hope. He rates the importance of certain technologies and companies on a scale of 0 to 10 (OpenGL is a 10, WINE and Transgaming a 2) and then goes on to explain each rating in detail. From which company presents the real threat to Linux adoption to why 2008 is likely to be a big year for Linux gaming, Ryan has the answers."

Comment: Re:floor model (Score 1) 271

by snjoseph (#11349061) Attached to: FBI's New Info-Sharing Software Project Fails
Imagine if this was a corporation, and the execs went to the shareholders and said 'We spent $600 million on software, but it's not going to work. sorry." They'd be out of a job in a flash.
You're right. That's why they wouldn't tell the shareholders in the first place. I don't think the conduct of American business over the last few years inspires any confidence. Besides, is there really much wall between private corporations and public agencies these days? Seems like we get the cream of the crap rising to the top in both worlds.

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