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Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 2) 53

Actual former insurance adjuster here - automobile property damage claims. I would think a drone would be sufficient for initial appraisals.

Here's how it works for auto claims - an appraiser makes a fairly cursory initial inspection of VISIBLE damage. They don't (usually) pop the hood, they don't (usually) lift the car up. They walk around the car wherever it is parked, note down what they see, and do an initial estimate.

Now, maybe four times out of five, when the actual repair work is done, additional damage is found. Like, the mechanic pops off the old bumper and finds some crushed pins, something like this. A supplemental appraisal is then generated - that's where you get the actual, and most likely final cost of the repair work. I've seen cases where a third supplement gets generated, but that was fairly uncommon in my experience.

Comment Impressive... and improbable. (Score 3, Informative) 74

I can't read the story - it is already Slashdotted.

But Arch is notorious for breakage. Lots of it.

I tried Arch myself on my own laptop for about a year. There were at least a dozen times where running what should have been a simple system update rendered things unusable. Sometimes it was just a few simple programs that ceased to function. Sometimes it was X itself failing to launch, leaving me at a command prompt. All of it took a fair amount of fiddling to fix, and eventually I got tired of it.

I switched over to Manjaro. The same laptop has been running that for at least two years now and hasn't had a single instance of breakage.

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