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+ - Dreams For Building The Ultimate Linux Home Server Room?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Phoronix article about his turning of a dilapidated basement into a few dozen computer Linux server farm complete with a drink bar and projector space with nice decor got me dreaming about an ultimate home server room. So I pose to the fellow Slashdot audience, what would you have in your ultimate server room? The Phoronix server room doesn't seem to care too much about noise, but with today's low-power systems is that much of an issue? What about fire suppression or other extras for gaming and other indulgences?"
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+ - Internet Era before Facebook: AltaVista, GeoCities, Netscape, Others of web 1.0->

Submitted by abhishekmdb
abhishekmdb (4015829) writes "Once upon a time Internet was ruled by AltaVista, GeoCities, Lycos, Netscape & Other Giants Of Web 1.0, do you even remember them?

The Internet phase before Facebook and Google was dominated by the giants of Web 1.0 like AltaVista, Geocities, Lycos, Netscape to name a few; however with the onset of Yahoo, Facebook and Google these giants seem to have been lostor are they still there, any idea as to what happened to these giants? In this article we will just take a look at the fate of these giants in the last 20 years of the web history wherein some of the then biggest websites have either merged with the biggest websites of today or have been shut down and some may be still continuing quietly."

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+ - Amazon Requires Non-Compete Agreements...For Warehouse Workers

Submitted by Rick Zeman
Rick Zeman (15628) writes "Amazon, perhaps historically only second to NewEgg in the IT nerdling's online shopping heart, not only has treated their warehouse workers to appalling working condtions, but they're also making them sign a non-compete agreement for the privilege. Excerpt from the agreement:
During employment and for 18 months after the Separation Date, Employee will not, directly or indirectly, whether on Employee’s own behalf or on behalf of any other entity (for example, as an employee, agent, partner, or consultant), engage in or support the development, manufacture, marketing, or sale of any product or service that competes or is intended to compete with any product or service sold, offered, or otherwise provided by Amazon (or intended to be sold, offered, or otherwise provided by Amazon in the future)...."

+ - Facebook Sued For Alleged Theft of Data Center Design->

Submitted by itwbennett
itwbennett (1594911) writes "British engineering company BladeRoom Group says it contacted Facebook in 2011 about using its technique, which involves constructing data centers in a modular fashion from pre-fabricated parts. What happened next isn’t clear, since much of the public version of BRG’s lawsuit is redacted. But it claims Facebook ended up stealing its ideas and using them to build part of a data center in Lulea, Sweden, that opened last year. 'Facebook’s misdeeds might never have come to light had it decided that simply stealing BRG’s intellectual property was enough,' the company said in its lawsuit, filed Monday at the federal district court in San Jose, California. 'Instead, Facebook went further when it decided to encourage and induce others to use BRG’s intellectual property though an initiative created by Facebook called the ‘Open Compute Project’.'"
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+ - Did Neurons Evolve Twice?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "When Leonid Moroz, a neuroscientist at the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience in St. Augustine, Fla., first began studying comb jellies, he was puzzled. He knew the primitive sea creatures had nerve cells — responsible, among other things, for orchestrating the darting of their tentacles and the beat of their iridescent cilia. But those neurons appeared to be invisible. The dyes that scientists typically use to stain and study those cells simply didn’t work. The comb jellies’ neural anatomy was like nothing else he had ever encountered.

After years of study, he thinks he knows why. According to traditional evolutionary biology, neurons evolved just once, hundreds of millions of years ago, likely after sea sponges branched off the evolutionary tree. But Moroz thinks it happened twice — once in ancestors of comb jellies, which split off at around the same time as sea sponges, and once in the animals that gave rise to jellyfish and all subsequent animals, including us. He cites as evidence the fact that comb jellies have a relatively alien neural system, employing different chemicals and architecture from our own. “When we look at the genome and other information, we see not only different grammar but a different alphabet,” Moroz said."

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+ - Microsoft to Rename Modern Apps "Windows Apps"

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "While fumbling with the new application platform for Windows, Microsoft has juggled with different names for the applications: Metro, Modern UI, Windows Store apps, universal apps. Going forward, these apps will be called "Windows apps", Microsoft explained during the Developing for the Windows 10 Hardware Platform session at WinHEC 2015. This is what the future of Windows is all about, and these apps are expected to completely supplant desktop applications. A "Windows app" can run on every device category: phone, PC, Xbox, IoT, and on more obscure devices like the HoloLens. For now the classic Win32 platform will remain fully supported on x86 PCs, but Microsoft is taking a "legacy" attitude towards it."

+ - NASA's Abandoned Launch Facilities

Submitted by trazom28
trazom28 (134909) writes "I ran across an interesting slideshow of NASA's abandoned launch facilities. Interesting piece of scientific history. It is described as images from "photographer Roland Miller's upcoming book, 'Abandoned in Place, titled' "Abandoned Space Graveyard Photos". ‘Abandoned in Place’ is a visual study of the deactivated launch and research facilities that played an essential role in early American space exploration.""

+ - First-Ever Quantum Device That Detects and Corrects its Own Errors ->

Submitted by Zothecula
Zothecula (1870348) writes "Before the dream of quantum computing is realized, a number of inherent problems must first be solved. One of these is the ability to maintain a stable memory system that overcomes the intrinsic instability of the basic unit of information in quantum computing – the quantum bit or "qubit". To address this problem, Physicists working at the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley) claim to have created breakthrough circuitry that continuously self-checks for inaccuracies to consistently maintain the error-free status of the quantum memory."
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+ - Brute Force Sony Online Entertainment Account Password Resets->

Submitted by Ebola-Masks
Ebola-Masks (4049065) writes "Since SOE will not honor my request to remove my email address (and associated continuous spam emails), the company continuously emails me password reset emails for my 'account'. I have asked thier customer support on three separate requests to remove my mistaken email address from their system. I have discovered that the password reset link that they won't stop sending me, is vulnerable to brute force attack due to the lack of failed attempt lockouts. Question, since SOE keeps directly sending me password reset email/links, is it legal for me to actually try to brute force the account reset?"
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+ - Space CAN expand faster than the speed of light

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "You know the fundamental principle of special relativity: nothing can move faster than the speed of light. But space itself? That's not a "thing" in the conventional sense. Two years after coming up with special relativity, Einstein devised the equivalence principle, and thus began the development of general relativity, where space itself would have properties that changed over time, responding to changes in matter and energy. This includes the ability for it to expand, even faster than the speed of light, if the conditions are right."

+ - Germany Succeeded with Massive Power Drops/Surges with its Solar Grid Today->

Submitted by SpzToid
SpzToid (869795) writes "Electrical grids in Europe succeeded in managing the unprecedented disruption to solar power from Friday's 2-1/2-hour eclipse that brought sudden, massive drops in supply.

Germany, Europe's leading economy and boasting the world's biggest solar-powered installations, was at the heart of the event.

"Good preparations paid off, we were able to handle all swings in production," said Ulrike Hoerchens, spokeswoman for one of the four high-voltage grid firms, TenneT, which operates in the region with the highest share of photovoltaic units.

Solar power output has expanded sharply to 38.2 gigawatts (GW) since the region's last notable eclipse in 2003, so the country — which borders nine nations — needed to prove its power market and network handling centres could function under extraordinary conditions.

German solar output right before the eclipse totalled 21.7 GW, then dropped to a low point of 6.2 GW, followed by an addition of 15 GW again within the following hour, TenneT said.

The speed of feed-in was treble the normal maximum, which could have caused disruptions."

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+ - Google caught altering search-results for profit->

Submitted by mi
mi (197448) writes "We've always suspected, this may happen some day — and, according to FTC's investigation inadvertently shared with the Wall Street Journal, it did.

In a lengthy investigation, staffers in the FTC’s bureau of competition found evidence that Google boosted its own services for shopping, travel and local businesses by altering its ranking criteria and “scraping” content from other sites. It also deliberately demoted rivals.

For example, the FTC staff noted that Google presented results from its flight-search tool ahead of other travel sites, even though Google offered fewer flight options. Google’s shopping results were ranked above rival comparison-shopping engines, even though users didn’t click on them at the same rate, the staff found. Many of the ways Google boosted its own results have not been previously disclosed."

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+ - Exciting developments in artificial photosynthesis.

Submitted by mjgday
mjgday (173139) writes "Researchers at both Caltech and Yale have had breakthroughs in the complex details of making artificial photosynthesis work.

Caltech have found that plating the photo-cathode and photo-anode with Nickel Oxide can greatly improve their longevity.

and Yale meanwhile have discovered an iridium catalyst which help with water oxidation.

Maybe we won't need to give up on liquid fuels after all."

+ - 3D Audio Standard Released->

Submitted by CIStud
CIStud (2525138) writes "The Audio Engineering Society (AES) has released its new 3D Audio Standard ( AES69-2015), covering topics such as binaural listening, which is growing due to increased usage of smartphones, tablets and other individual entertainment systems that offer audio using headphones. AES states that an understanding of the way that the listener experiences binaural sound, expressed as head-related transfer functions (HRTF) facilitates the way to 3D personal audio. The standard also looks into convolution-based reverberation processors in 3D virtual audio environments, which has also grown with the increase of available computing power."
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