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Submission Learn Lisp with games, comics, and a music video.-> 1

smug_lisp_weenie writes: "Hi, I'm a longtime slashdot user and just finished my book "Land of Lisp", a graphical odyssey into Lisp programming. The recent interest in multicore chips is bringing functional programming and Lisp languages, such as Clojure and Common Lisp, back into vogue. But who wants to read all the dry, academic texts on these subjects? I hope my book and website ( makes it easier for people to learn this stuff."
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It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission Picnics by Supercomputer->

smug_lisp_weenie writes: "Why not use the power of web 2.0 to organize your next picnic? To this aim, I've put together a little art experiment called Picnics actually have certain unique properties (Many people + open spaces + time spent eating) that make them ideal for building social maps of communities in real-life. The benefit is that your "neighbors" will be those people most similar to yourself, calculated with a simulated annealing algorithm. Sign up by answering some questions if you want to join in."
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