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Comment Cap, or prepay limit? (Score 1) 204

Do you mean an actual cap, like "no more data after this"? Or a plan limit, after which you get charged? I have the new Verizon plan, where I get 3 GB as part of my monthly payment, but if I go over that I get hit with $10 for the next GB. (Which would still be about $30 cheaper than I was paying for 4 GB/month on the old plan.)

Comment Different courses, different horses. (Score 2) 200

I switched from a Kindle 3 to a tablet for reading books, largely because my favorite reading location was kind of dark and I got tired of futzing with clip-on lights. But my tablet is heavy and not very easy on the eyes for heavy reading. So I got a Kindle Voyage and it's so much better. Obviously there are lots of things a tablet can do that an e-reader can't, but IMO nothing beats an e-ink reader with an edge-lit screen for reading books.

Comment Re:That's not the electoral system... (Score 1) 239

Relax. I wasn't suggesting that political parties shouldn't be allowed, but just that they are not officially a part of American government or its processes. Technically, you do not have to be in any political party in order to hold any public office in America. If Lessig is having trouble running as a Democrat, maybe he should go independent. Which, IMO, would make an even stronger statement on his part about the two-party problem in America.

Comment Re:Transfer pricing (Score 2) 262

That's a totally different issue than the one in the OP - sure there are ways for corporations to "cheat" on taxes. Giving your profits to your employees is *NOT* one of them. That's a perfectly legitimate (and, frankly, downright generous) thing to do, but one that does not cheat the government as the taxes still get paid.

Comment Re:I'm going to incorporate myself. (Score 1) 262

Sure, you get writeoffs, but there are disadvantages too - e.g. you have to pay the full amount of FICA tax (as both an employer and employee) instead of only half (as either employer *or* employee). Of course, if you earn enough to exceed the maximum by a comfortable margin, this may not be much of a problem.

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