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Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 391

Lives at stake? Seriously? Have you READ the regulations on diesel emissions? So, there's a few more nitrates, you are *burning* the diesel, where do the regulators expect this stuff to go? Basically you have to hobble the vehicle in order to pass US emissions tests. The only thing VW got by doing this was a leg up on the competition. (assuming the competition wasn't doing the same thing... time will tell)

No, you do not have to hobble the vehicle, you just have to use the same urea injection system that all the other manufacturers were already using but that VW was too cheap to use (and now does use anyway, because they couldn't find any other way to get the job done).

Comment Re:Theory (Score 1) 591

There are facts *and* there are theories. Observable, measurable phenomena are facts. Explanations of *how* and *why* those things happen are theories. An apple falling from a tree is a fact. We can verify its change in position, we can measure its speed and acceleration. Meanwhile, there are theories of gravitation that explain *how* and/or *why* the apple falls. Newton had one such theory. Einstein came along with a better one. The changes in theory do not change the fact that the apple still falls.

Comment Re:morepixels = morebandwidth, data, costs. (Score 1) 198

Asia beats most of the world - the top three countries are all Asian:

Even Spain is ahead of the USA, I have a 200Mbps symmetric connection (ie. 200Mbps up _and_ down) for 50 Euros/month - fiber optic all the way to my PC.

...and what does that have to do with smartphone data usage caused by high-res displays?

Comment Re:IoT (Score 1) 44

Ever heard the word "bank switching"? :D -- at least for the C-64 there were memory expansions with 512K and more

Of course I know about bank switching. But in order to run a BASIC program, the BASIC interpreter (and probably the KERNAL) needs to be switched in, so that's 16K you can't use for a BASIC program no matter what.

The Wright Bothers weren't the first to fly. They were just the first not to crash.