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User Journal

Journal: Coding alone

Journal by smithberry
I gave up a well paid IT job to start my own company, writing my own software. The freedom is great but might turn out to be the freedom to fail. So far there is one major release to show for a year's work - PhDT, a flexible, affordable, cross platform defect tracking tool. It is early days yet and the recent Slashdot articles on whether companies should wait until the product is 100% complete before releasing is very much in my mind as I release my first product.

I need to learn an awful lot now about promoting the product while still adding new features. SEO info is all over the place and some of it does not look entirely proper - one place actively promotes doorway cloaking which is surely a big "no no"?

Oh, and I have a lot more gray hair than I used to have, but maybe that's just an age thing.

The beer-cooled computer does not harm the ozone layer. -- John M. Ford, a.k.a. Dr. Mike