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64-Bit Flash Player For Linux Finally In Alpha 172

Posted by Soulskill
from the new-and-shiny dept.
Luchio writes "Finally, a little bit of respect from Adobe with this alpha release of the Adobe Flash Player 10 that was made available for all Linux 64-bit enthusiasts! As noted, 'this is a prerelease version,' so handle with care. Just remove any existing Flash player and extract the new .so file in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins (or /usr/lib/opera/plugins)."

Comment: Re:automated page turners pretty cheap (Score 1) 177

by smithberry (#30429858) Attached to: The DIY Book Scanner
In the page you link to it says

It requires the user, or care-giver, to separate up to 10 sheets (20 pages) at a time into slots that will be individually turned. Subsequent batches of pages will then need to be processed similarly.

So still quite a bit of manual work separating blocks of 10 pages. Not sure it would save you very much time.

Comment: Re:That was pretty fast... (Score 0, Offtopic) 129

by smithberry (#30343070) Attached to: DARPA Network Challenge Lasts All of 9 Hours

I sure do hope there's some irony in your post I'm not caching.

Irony typically has a short TTL; you're better off not caching it.

Mod the parent up!

If I had mod points I'd mod you up - can't believe folk have modded this down. Perhaps they didn't see the typo introducing the idea if caching irony.

Comment: Re:Demand to see them (Score 1) 419

by smithberry (#29690719) Attached to: Real-LIfe Distributed-Snooping Web Game To Launch In Britain
If it's the same gun shop you are walking past every day then this does not really tell us if they are common or not - might be the only one for 100 miles.
Also unless you know a large percentage of the population chosen at random then how many of your friends have guns does not tell us if gun ownership is common or not.
FWIW I don't know anyone who owns a gun nor do I pass a gun shop on the way to work.

Comment: Re:whut? (Score 1) 804

by smithberry (#29539349) Attached to: In 100 Years, Health Care Won't Be An Issue Because ...


This is one of those arguments that proves too much. Just about everything in the economy is based on profit, yet we don't see costs exploding for TVs or plane tickets or bicycles.

I can tell if a plane trip is successful (it gets me where I am going) and I can tell if a bicycle does what I want. I really have no idea how good my doctor is compared to how good he should be, and my judgement is especially bad when I am ill. League tables are no use - my broken bone will be different from your broken bone in all sorts of ways and my starting health will be different from yours in all sorts of ways.

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