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Comment Re:Using Linux would prevent these Cisco mishaps! (Score 1) 112

I've forgotten the name of the company now, but there was a presentation at the Linux conference last year (two years ago, maybe?) in New Orleans that talked about this very topic, and they (or someone else that approached me afterward because I asked a question about it) said that their company was making switching hardware that did stuff in kernel-space, maybe with a proprietary module. This is key here... you can stuff a bunch of NICs in a box and use brtables or whatever and make a switch, but that's going to be dog-slow. ASICs are needed, and at least that one Linux company is making them.

Comment Don't just sit on your hands... (Score 4, Insightful) 239

I would contact my local police force and talk to the financial crimes desk. They may not be able to do anything at this point, but you should establish a paper trail ASAP, which would certainly work in your favor while explaining things to your bank or whatever if the bad guys do manage to hurt you in some manner.

Submission + - Universal Offers Classical, Jazz Catalog DRM-Free ( 3

Mode_Locrian writes: Gramophone Magazine reports that Universal Classics and Jazz will be making its entire catalogue available for sale in DRM-free form. While Universal stresses that this will be a trial run, it certainly looks like a step in the right direction. Now, if only they'd offer downloads in formats other than mp3...
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Cisco's iPhone violates GPL, expert says

Stony Stevenson writes: Even while Cisco Systems is suing Apple for violating its iPhone trademark, an open-source enthusiast is accusing Cisco itself of infringing copyright in the same product.

From the article: "Cisco has not published the source code for some components of the WIP300 iPhone in accordance with its open-source licensing agreement, said Armijn Hemel, a consultant with Loohuis Consulting and half of the team running the GPL Violations Project, an organization that identifies and publicizes misuse of GPL licenses and takes some violators to court."

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