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Comment Another possibility (Score 0) 249

Here's a scenario that hasn't been argued. What if an insurgent from some middle eastern country has worked their way into the Russian Army as a missile operator and purposely fired at the plane to bring it down with the hope of plunging Russia and the US into war with each other. The middle east has no love for either Russia or the US and if they were busy with each other perhaps the middle east would be left alone.

Comment Re:If a software dev make $250-500k a year... (Score 1) 166

Ahh, the dot-com bubble all over again. Between 1996-In 2000 when I was in college it was like that. What happened was lots, and lots, of people in the CS program. The ones chasing the money ended up hating programming, and because of that were horrible at it. When the bubble burst they found themselves out of work and out of the field, and they were probably glad too.

CS is a special kind of hell for those that aren't passionate about it.

Comment Not much (Score 0) 336

If you have *real* programming experience your don't need much. Learning a language doesn't take too long if your willing to put in the time. Case in point. I got a job programming in Java, even though my Java experience was all from college 10 years previous. Eventually converted that job from a Java job to a c# contract with no experience, and then with the 6 months experience in c# landed a full time job programming in c#.

Comment Re:Minimum Wage (Score 1) 1094

I think you have this backward. If you believe that taking a job that pays minimum wage is suppose to pay a living wage then your already in trouble. There are too many people that can do those jobs to justify a higher wage, and the service that they provide is not invaluable enough. A person will only pay so much for a burger before they just decide to buy a loaf a bread and cold cuts at the grocery store and make their own sandwich. Flipping burgers was never meant to be a life long career choice.

If you're so stuck in a rut then seek help! There are many programs both provided by the government, non-profits, communities, and churches that can help you qualify for better employment.

Comment Re: how long until the internet dies? (Score 4, Insightful) 133

Not all Republicans. This one has been sick at the corporate welfare pushed by my own party. I've been cheering the FCC director and marveling at his backbone to push this non-partisan for the people measure through. I starting to think he'd be a good candidate for president someone that would serve the people.

I wish that the American people would wake up and stop treating politics as a sporting event and villianize everything from the other party. I wish we would start to seek and promote those that actually seek a better USA and that understand the principles that founded this country in the first place. These kind of individual are members of both the major parties and many of the minor parties. As the american people participate early we can avoid having to vote for the lessor evil and instead start voting for the greater good. If you only start to think about who to vote for in the general election it is too late.

Comment Re:Cash-for-clunkers Redux (Score 0) 395

I doubt it, I had an tiny Geo Metro that was pieced together from two totaled cars. When it was put back together the person didn't bother putting back most of the emissions hardware -- at the time I had no idea this was the case. I moved to California to work for a few years. The first emissions test this car received it failed miserably ( passing was something like 10 ppm and it was spewing 500 ppm) as you can imagine. I took it into the shop, and they just put on a new catalytic converter without fixing the actual problem. It fixed the emissions problem for long enough for it to pass emissions. The next year it was tested again with the same problem. The same fix was applied for the next few years. When we moved away from CA we sold the car to my brother in law who discovered what the real problem was. Really the mandatory checks only guarantee that it's clean for a few minutes, just long enough to pass.

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