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Comment: Hiring a CPA is like buying money and time. (Score 1) 450

by sls1j (#48798859) Attached to: Intuit Charges More For Previously Offered TurboTax Features, Users Livid
I remember doing taxes one year. I'd spent all day at it. I was unsure I'd done it properly and came out owing around $100 in taxes. On the suggestion of a friend I hired a CPA. He gave me a 30 minute interview, took my various tax related papers, had me sign a few things, and that was it. In a week or two he reported back to me saying I'd be receiving a $1,500 tax return. It only cost $150. It's the best investment I've ever made. I have never done my taxes without a CPA since.

Comment: My own experience. (Score 1) 294

I've worked from home for about 14 years, and my software has worked from home for at least a decade. We work well "together" and have been successful. The remote work place has some challenges, but we've adapted. When offering remote support to customers we all are better at it and have a good idea what can be understood and how to go about the work.

One of the big advantages is having the space needed to really think free from distractions of coworkers. I'm definitely more productive.

If your employees won't work unless they are watched you have a management problem not a worker problem. Your employees obviously don't feel the success of the company is to their own advantage. They obviously don't feel like your giving them enough, and I don't necessarily mean money. Does the job make them feel important? Do they feel like they are contributors? Are you as a manager undermining the good they have done?

Comment: Most intersting part (Score 2) 52

by sls1j (#48556257) Attached to: Material Possiblities: A Flying Drone Built From Fungus
Personally the most interesting part is the design of the air frame not the materials. The three motors embedded in the airframe is interesting.

The idea that you could send one of these drones in a sensitive environment and leave it there seems off. Yeah, the air frame biodegrades, but not the motors, electronics, and the most toxic part the battery.

Comment: This is what works for me (Score 2) 584

by sls1j (#48521981) Attached to: Programmer Father Asks: What Gets Little Girls Interested In Science?
I'm a father of 8 with 4 girls and 4 boys. One of the best ways is to take them out of the cities and into the wilderness, and help them see what is there. To be most effective you need to know what's there yourself. Study the geology of the area, the plants, the animals, the lichens, mosses, mushrooms. When you see something you don't understand ask questions and find the answers. When your children see you learn with a relish they can't help but be curious. Get good at seeing the small and the large so you can point it out. Be good at asking questions. I've found my girls and my boys naturally interested.

Don't just focus on "science" or you'll kill all interest. History is just as important. Science of itself isn't nearly as interesting as adding the human side to it. The stories of how the great ideas of our times came about and how those ideas have been used can make the knowledge come to life in a way that science by itself cannot.

Comment: Is it fission or fusion? (Score 1) 571

by sls1j (#48149009) Attached to: Lockheed Claims Breakthrough On Fusion Energy Project
Well, I'm not sure this article is even talking about fusion or fission. The last paragraph of the article is just wrong where the author says that submarines and aircraft carriers carry large fusion reactors. They of course do not. They carry fission reactors. So the author confused fission and fusion once why not twice?

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