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+ - Possible solution to Apple, Google, GE et al. and their devious ways->

Submitted by slowLearner
slowLearner (2498468) writes "There have been at least three articles posted on Slashdot this week about Tax payments, or lack there of, made by major corporations. I have commented on a few of those, but got tired of the constant repletion of the same issues. I think the fatigue got to a lot of people.
Anyhoo I thought this article supplied an interesting way forward.
"that freedom of information laws should be extended to the private sector" Please read the whole article before shooting me down in flames.
I know that this is not a technical article, but given the level of postings on previous topics around this there may be demand to see this on the front page. , ,"

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+ - Bombs inside terrorists->

Submitted by slowLearner
slowLearner (2498468) writes "So the next big thing in terror is to implant a bomb into a willing host. Does this mean that we will have to "harden up" to X-ray scanners at airports now. Or can we blame Christopher Nolan for this?
In some respects I am thinking this is a logical step forward for the wood be terrorist, but I am also thinking that it is also a good excuse to track everybody and not allow any people form those pesky terrorist countries onto a plane without checking them for recent scars. I still remember Dick Cheney banging on about how there were weapons of mass destruction AND that there were bunkers in the Afghan mountains that were equipped like a Bond super-villain lair.
The next question is when will they start putting them into unwilling hosts?"

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+ - Raspberry Pi being delivered even as I type->

Submitted by slowLearner
slowLearner (2498468) writes "The Raspberry Pi units are on their way, I am in NZ so won't get mine for ages I guess. A batch were presented to a school on Friday so lets hope that the rest are safely in the hands of their new owners soon. Not much else aside from a link to some videos on the Raspberry Pi site"
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+ - Megaupload co-founder extreme risk of flight->

Submitted by slowLearner
slowLearner (2498468) writes "According to the crown the "Mega Conspiracy'' are an extreme risk of flight, probably due to them not being terrorists or murderers and all. So they face being held in prison for an indefinite period while the US submits extradition papers.
I am pretty sure you can tell where my sympathies lie in this one, but I think we should all be watching this one quite closely.
The group has been portraid as some sort of criminal gang with the Mr. Dotcom as being the mastermind/evil genius figure, at least the media here have stopped frothing about guns being found, they were locked in gun safes. They are still trying to going on about the parties and lavish life style. What would they have done with $60M? Spend it on their grans? nah, I've seen journo's out for drinks and it's not pretty, fun, but not pretty! I did use my great big brush of generalisation at the end."

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+ - India to build Thorium reactor-> 1

Submitted by slowLearner
slowLearner (2498468) writes "India will build a working Thorium reactor.
Officials are currently selecting a site for the reactor, which would be the first of its kind, using thorium for the bulk of its fuel instead of uranium – the fuel for conventional reactors. They plan to have the plant up and running by the end of the decade."

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