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Comment Re:Is this any different from Google or Apple? (Score 1) 492

It you pay full price for the phone, you still "have to trade some of my privacy to Google and some of my money to ATT every month", therefore the discounted purchase price is not in exchange for the loss of privacy. Also the "discounted hardware" model isn't even used in most of the rest of the world.

Comment Re:the root of the problem (Score 1) 1009

Saying that Metro is keeping people from leaving XP is ignoring the fact that Windows 7 is still an alternative. The people who wont leave XP are either cheap (unwilling to pay to upgrade OS or computer), stubborn (unwilling to accept any change), lazy (unwilling to do the work of upgrading) or stuck with legacy apps.

Comment Re:This has nothing to do with Surface RT or Win8 (Score 1) 571

Surface RT wrokes well for what it does. It is v1.0 product in a new ecosystem. More apps are being made available everyday. Windows 8 sales will improve when the OEMs finish with their new hardware. There are very few windows 8 PC available and most don't take advantage of the new windows 8 features.

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