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Comment: Re:Are you saying that criminals don't exist? (Score 1) 156

by aardvarkjoe (#49755047) Attached to: 'Prisonized' Neighborhoods Make Recidivism More Likely

Well, if we eliminate all the people who just wanted to get high quietly in the privacy of their own home and provided treatment instead of prison time for all the people who are in there as the result of alcohol and drug abuse, we could probably close all but one existing prison.

Even if we just include federal/state prisons, there are about 1,800 existing prisons. Do you seriously think that nonviolent drug use and the results of drug and alchohol abuse account for 99.94% of all of our prisoners?

Comment: Re:That is _not_ an organ (Score 1) 73

by aardvarkjoe (#49751859) Attached to: Musical Organ Created From 49 Floppy Disk Drives

"Organ[o]" is a Greek word meaning "Instrument" and, in Greek, a "musical organ" can be any "musical instrument"

Which might be relevant if we were speaking Greek rather than English.

More relevant is that "organ" is used to refer to a lot of keyboard instruments that are intended to imitate (to some extent) the sound of a pipe organ. Whether or not this particular instrument falls into that category or not is probably largely a matter of opinion.

Comment: Re:Responsibility lies with the Taxpayers (Score 1) 201

Only restitution?

First, what's proper restitution for being compelled to post something on a Facebook post? I don't think I'd accept $20K to allow somebody else to put something I disliked on my Facebook account, myself.

A formal apology. If you can show that you suffered any real damages from the false facebook post, including your time or reputation, then you would be entitled to just compensation for those.

Second, the guy had to spend money and time to get the suit going, and had no certainty of getting anything. Offering restitution only (and then only when winning) means that it's most likely the best move to just let the police do whatever to you without recourse.

Your legal costs should of course be included in that restitution.

The legal system should not exist to enrich someone out of proportion to how they were harmed. If people won't pursue justice if they don't have the chance of hitting a big jackpot, then it's probably not very important to them after all.

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