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Comment: Re:I have a problem with this... (Score 1) 665

by slippyblade (#42767811) Attached to: As Music Streaming Grows, Royalties Slow To a Trickle

Except for that little fact that that is how it DID operate for several thousand years. Musicians and authors and performers were paid for their PERFORMANCE. For the one time exhibition of the work, or the one time commission for the portrait or artwork. There is nothing in the world keeping you from buying a chair from me and then copying it for your own use. Well, nothing except for stupid and monopolistic IP laws that is.

Another problem here, if the artist in this article was getting X dollars, what extortionist amount was the label getting?

Comment: I have a problem with this... (Score 1) 665

by slippyblade (#42767361) Attached to: As Music Streaming Grows, Royalties Slow To a Trickle

If I build a chair for someone, I get paid x dollars. If 1000 people sit in that chair I do not get paid 1000x dollars. I've never quite understood why copyright artists get "royalties". You create a song, you perform the song, you get paid. Why should you get paid every single time someone hears your song? As an artist you should not be set for life based on a single miraculously successful song.

Comment: Re:The Invisible Unicorn Argument. (Score 4, Insightful) 238

by slippyblade (#42262855) Attached to: Has the Mythical Unicorn of Materials Science Finally Been Found?

How about this, tell me why you don't believe in Thor, Osiris, or Marduk. I will then apply those exact same reasons to your "god" and they will be equally valid. Considering the several thousand gods known to have been worshipped over the years the difference between us is negligable. I simply believe in one fewer gods than you.

Comment: Attendance "points" (Score 1) 670

by slippyblade (#42216349) Attached to: Stay Home When You're Sick!

Wrong. Weakness has nothing to do with it. In the states, most large companies anymore have what is called "PTO" Paid Time Off. If you can schedule in advance then you can use those PTO days as vacation, in theory, without penalty. Though they do of course get logged. If you get sick and have to call in last minute, you can usually still be paid from your PTO, but you get "attendance points" for doing so.

You also get "attendance points" if you are late or absent for any reason. After a certain number of "attendance points" you are fired. Regardless of where the points came from. Sick, late, no show. Doesn't matter. So even though you can be sick and still be paid, you will get fired for it in short order. Mind you most places I've worked the PTO accrues at apx .02 hours of PTO per hour worked so roughly an hour a week.

Also, ANY type of advancement or promotion tends to look at used PTO. The more PTO you've used the less likely you are to get raises, promotions, etc. That INCLUDES pre-approved vacation time.

This is from my own experience of course. But it was this way at American Express, Amazon, Go Daddy, AOL, 2Wire, and several other places I've worked.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 2) 181

by slippyblade (#42083419) Attached to: What Nobody Tells You About Being a Game Dev

I keep saying this over and over and over.

Real life is the biggest MMO out there, and strangely enough, I like to do things by myself sometimes. So why shouldn't I be allowed to do stuff by myself in MMO's occasionally. I've played far to many MMO's where you have to be in a group to wipe your ass for crying out loud.

Just because a game has multi-player in the title does NOT mean I should HAVE to be in a group to accomplish every little thing.

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