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Comment adjustable tools for adjustment (Score 2) 329

If you are adjusting packing glands on pumps or valves, it's fine. If, on the other hand you need torque, use the proper wrench. I have seen too much damage to bolts and nuts due to " adjustable wrenches ". The proper tool for the proper job. If you are too cheap or too lazy to use the proper tool, you get what you pay for.

Comment Sounds too good to be true (Score 0) 162

1.) What is the "connected class"? It sounds very elitist, like 1per centers.
2.) Electric vehicles will always be limited by their battery capacity. Nikola Tesla had shown, back in the Thirties, that resonance coupling can eliminate batteries all together.
3.) Competing against the fossil fuel industry will go nowhere since the politicians are in the pockets of Big Oil.
3.) Pilfering talent from Tesla is not going to be without friction. Competition is good for innovation, but co-operation is still better for industry.

Comment Step 1 (Score 1) 151

Before you build the upper floors of a house, you need the foundation. Pioneer endeavors to other planets should begin with a foundation of ongoing commerce between Earth and the Moon. This reeks of another " trip to the Moon " , once you go, been there, did that; and now for the next campaign rally .
A myopic vision is compounded by a short attention span.

Comment Re: Worse than the space station? No. (Score 1) 684

Why does the refinery have to land? Or even launched? You are going to Mars for the long haul.
Orbital refining and construction will be the "job" of the future. Metals, resins, composites and ceramics are all capable of being produced in zero-g. Don't forget the transportation requirements. Orbit to planet fall, and back, will probably a Teamster union.

Comment Re: Worse than the space station? No. (Score 1) 684

Nuclear submarine reactors require seawater for cooling.
It's a submarine, it operates in seawater. Air cooled systems can also work, as well as, water based.
Polar sites with microwave transmission. Combining these concepts with windmills would allow for greater flexibility. Possibly, resonance coupling.

Comment Re: Source control? (Score 1) 88

More like corporate source control. As ubiquitous as mobile devices are, it no longer a given that people will "play nice". To protect the corporate data infrastructure, All mobile devices must have certain limitations, except of course, for those special people, that can make things disappear real quickly.

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