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Comment Re: Worse than the space station? No. (Score 1) 684

Why does the refinery have to land? Or even launched? You are going to Mars for the long haul.
Orbital refining and construction will be the "job" of the future. Metals, resins, composites and ceramics are all capable of being produced in zero-g. Don't forget the transportation requirements. Orbit to planet fall, and back, will probably a Teamster union.

Comment Re: Worse than the space station? No. (Score 1) 684

Nuclear submarine reactors require seawater for cooling.
It's a submarine, it operates in seawater. Air cooled systems can also work, as well as, water based.
Polar sites with microwave transmission. Combining these concepts with windmills would allow for greater flexibility. Possibly, resonance coupling.

Comment Re: Source control? (Score 1) 88

More like corporate source control. As ubiquitous as mobile devices are, it no longer a given that people will "play nice". To protect the corporate data infrastructure, All mobile devices must have certain limitations, except of course, for those special people, that can make things disappear real quickly.

Comment Re: GIF is relevant (Score 1) 112

That's trivially easy for a human to identify and correct, but for an automated system somebody has to think through how to deal with all the permutations of that problem and include a solution in the operation logic.
Circular cans! Who'd da thunk it? A detent to orient the lid.

Comment Re: It is not what you did .... (Score 1) 83

He works for the government. He should lose his job, his retirement and be banned from any further government employment or association. It's bad enough the politicos get away with their antics, but now the underlings are their cut as well? Oh, by the way, the same should happen to the politicos.

Comment Re: Commercialization of 'health' (Score 0) 668

True, however, you do have a choice. The guttermint in its infinite wisdom/corruption would take that choice from you. Big Pharma wants your hard earned dollars to buy their FDA approved poisons (to be rescinded when enough people die or complain, whichever is greater in the shortest time). Also, who says that this is where they will stop? Does medical marijuana fall into this category? Does GMO medical marijuana fall outside this category? This is a slippery slope that will never end unless we stop it.

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