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Comment Re: Commercialization of 'health' (Score 0) 668

True, however, you do have a choice. The guttermint in its infinite wisdom/corruption would take that choice from you. Big Pharma wants your hard earned dollars to buy their FDA approved poisons (to be rescinded when enough people die or complain, whichever is greater in the shortest time). Also, who says that this is where they will stop? Does medical marijuana fall into this category? Does GMO medical marijuana fall outside this category? This is a slippery slope that will never end unless we stop it.

Comment Re: *shrug* (Score 1, Troll) 387

I still have Windows 1.0, in the box. The only thing missing is Bill Gates' autograph. I would never sell it. I am sure there are other drawbacks, but I am not a fan of the forced musical chair version upgrades. It would be nice to have a constantly upgraded version with real improvements. I was happy with XP, until I was forced into 95, then into Vista, then 7. Windows 8 sucks as will 10.

Comment Re: Reform will come (Score 1) 121

More so when they're arrested, convicted for treason, and jailed for a really long time; along with their corporate dog buyers. Add to this, their ill-gotten millions which should be turned over to the people of these united States. I suggest the money go to clearing up the student loan debacle.

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