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Comment: Bad title of FA (Score 1) 388

by sleiper (#48829353) Attached to: UK Computing Teachers Concerned That Pupils Know More Than Them
Surveyed ALL teachers, not just computing teachers, this covers 24yr old NQTs for Secondary School Computing Science to 65yr old Primary visitin Home Economics teachers. It is only the primary teachers that are panicking over teaching computing as the "IT" provision they previously provided was a joke. I have a number of friends who are Primary Teachers who should not be expected to be masters of everything. I as a Secondary School CS teacher am not expected to go down to English and lecture on the importance of Character X in Play Y, so expecting a general Primary Teacher to pass on anything other than the bare essentials of computer use is absurd. If this article actually said that 68% of specialist computing teachers were concerned the pupils knew more than them I would be seriously concerned for the subject, but that is not what it said. Also from a Scottish POV, this is all an English Shit Storm, please stop using the catch all UK, up here in Scotland our curriculum was changed a few years ago, we develop our own curriculum and testing strategies. The concept of state curriculum and standardised testing in anything other than certificated courses is pretty alien here.

+ - Programming at Work

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Hello! Every summer (and other holidays) the work load at my job becomes minimal. I like scripting (HTML, CSS etc.) and would like to get into programming just to tinker a bit due to curiosity.

At work we are not allowed to install anything except company approved software. Is there something I can program in that has an IDE like I guess I am asking for a recommendation on both language and IDE at the same time. Again, I want to reiterate that this is to satisfy my tinkering curiosity and thus not need something great, just something more advanced than HTML/CSS."

+ - Oracle Billionaire Buys Hawaii->

Submitted by sleiper
sleiper (1772326) writes "The sixth largest Hawaiian Island of Lanai is to be bought by Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison.
Larry already owned a large portion of the island which he will increase to 98% of the 141^2 miles of island and gain 3200 subjects.

The island of Lanai hosts 2 holiday resorts, 50 miles of coastline and a rugged interior.

No definite figure on the cost, but one of neighboring island Maui's newspapers had previously valued the sale at between $500 million and $600 million.

At least Richard Branson's Island is private"

Link to Original Source

+ - Track the trackers with Collusion: Interview with Mozilla's Ryan Merkley->

Submitted by colinneagle
colinneagle (2544914) writes "Among the eye-opening statements in his recent TED talk, Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs said, "Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn't be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet. Our voices matter and our actions matter even more." After you download and install Collusion in Firefox, you can "see who is tracking you across the Web and following you through the digital woods," Kovacs stated. "Going forward, all of our voices need to be heard. Because what we don't know can actually hurt us. Because the memory of the Internet is forever. We are being watched. It's now time for us to watch the watchers."

I've been using Collusion for some time now and it is jaw-dropping to watch all the sites that still stalk us across the web even with DNT and privacy add-ons.

The Collusion page states: "The Ford Foundation is supporting Mozilla to develop the Collusion add-on so it will enable users to not only see who is tracking them across the Web, but also to turn that tracking off when they want to." Recently I had an opportunity to ask Matt Thompson, Chief Storyteller & Communications Director for the Mozilla Foundation, and Ryan Merkley, Chief Operating Officer for the Mozilla Foundation, some questions."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:I've wondered... (Score 5, Interesting) 93

by sleiper (#40332681) Attached to: Hawking Is First User of "Big Brain" Supercomputer

So how do these people get their ridiculously complicated physics stuff crunched by ridiculously complicated machines?

Because they know the equations for their ridiculously complicated physics stuff, and most physicists are expected to be literate with computer programming. I have two PhD friends, both in Physics (meteorology and cosmology) who are now both hardcore coders due to their training.

Comment: Re:Encrypted VPN (Score 2) 32

by sleiper (#39952183) Attached to: UK Government Backtracks On Black Box Snooping
But I don't see why a company in the VPN market can not come up with a simple consumer product that would encrypt a users traffic. There has been some proliferation of this type of idea for users of public WiFi connections, ie a one-click third party app that anonymises internet traffic. I can see a market for this type of product if enough of a buzz is made about it. Of course this just draws attention to a nice little work-around that we have, and might focus attention on combating it, but judging by how cack-handed governments are when it comes it this area, I doubt it.

Comment: Encrypted VPN (Score 5, Interesting) 32

by sleiper (#39951433) Attached to: UK Government Backtracks On Black Box Snooping
I already use a lightly encrypted and anonymised VPN service to avoid traffic shaping when watching movies and playing games, and when accessing US services, all this would do is make me plug my service directly into my router, instead of just activating it when I needed it. All these laws will do is force more people to go down this road, I'm not doing anything wrong, but I also don't want Johnny Government looking over my shoulder at everything I do.

Comment: Re:Wow (Score 1, Funny) 127

by sleiper (#39925491) Attached to: Scientists Solve Mystery of Ireland's Moving Boulders
Sure they are, they share many characteristics of being a race, similar cultural background, they share a Celtic background with the Scottish, Cornish, welsh and French, shared language in Irish Gaelic, small geographic ancestry from the west of Europe, and distinct physical appearance, they are all small, red headed drunks with a perchance for green and pots of gold.

Comment: Re:Wow (Score 5, Interesting) 127

by sleiper (#39925419) Attached to: Scientists Solve Mystery of Ireland's Moving Boulders
It was a local man that told the US students about how the sea "washed" a 78 tonne boulder up onto the beach. I would suggest the locals knew this happened and just didn't care or bother to work out why. Occasionally a storm will blow sea-weed from the beach 2 miles to my front door during a storm, so I assume that's normal because it always happens. Their rocks are just a bit bigger :D

Comment: Re:on thursday (Score 2) 155

by sleiper (#39888747) Attached to: European e-ID Announced
The only way to make any of these ID's secure is to have them linked to faces and biometrics, which are quickly accessible, and require both human and computer verifications. eg, put your thumb here Mr Up-To-Know-Good and let me check the fingerprints we have had on file since you were born, along with the drivers licence and passport we have on file for you, and any other data we have kept on you over the years. My problem with this system is, you can't have one without the other, and do we really want the other?

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