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Comment: Re:Oh do me a favour. (Score 1) 125

by sleepy_sanchez (#44921027) Attached to: Facebook Launches Advanced AI Effort To Find Meaning In Your Posts

"Neural Networks are just one representation of data."

an (artificial) neural network is a predictor which learns from data which has been around for some time. the grandparent meant the particular breakthrough that enable deep learning (which is the training neural networks with a lot of layers between input and output) was to figure out how to learn quickly. Previously, training these deep networks would take a lot of time to converge or not converge at all.

+ - Looking for an affordable nettop/mini desktop

Submitted by sleepy_sanchez
sleepy_sanchez (1301981) writes "What are good options for a cheap(sub-$350) mini desktop, that is good for non-gaming use flash videos, good web browsing, development in Eclipse, in other words non-gaming regular use? OK, I might play a few old games, too.
Specifically any thoughts on NVIDIA ION/Intel GMA, Intel Atom vs Core 2 Duo."

Comment: Re:How? (Score 3, Informative) 263

by sleepy_sanchez (#28929323) Attached to: New HIV Strain Discovered
Stalin thought to produce super-soldiers by producing these primate hybrids. In fact, Africans were involved in the experiment, because they were thought to be genetically more "compatible"(trailing behind the evolutionary timeline) . This is the best google link I could find:

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