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Comment Re:Activision - Sluggish Sales For Sousaphone Hero (Score 1) 79

There were a few of us at my last job who wanted to take that idea and crank out a prototype USB accordion peripheral. Even more sad is how much time I spent researching the appropriate sensor tech to make this work :P

I think it still needs to be done, dammit! Break out the lederhosen! (and Pilsner)


Comment Re:Exercise some self-discipline and keep... (Score 1) 456

Sure, and hormone-soaked teenagers whose brains are still trying to develop good impulse control always think rationally and choose abstinence when a member of their preferred sex is hot to trot for them. This is why abstinence-only education has been such a rousing success everywhere it's been tried.

uhhh ..."such arousing success"? :p


Comment Joule Thief (Score 1) 364

Two words:
Joule Thief
-The kids get to play with electromagnetics (wind their own transformer) and see how very simple swichmode converters work. All for a very small outlay of parts, esp in quantity from someplace like digikey. Plus it's a way to drain some more joules out of batteries that are prob too dead to do anything else with :)


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