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Comment Re: Where is deniability? (Score 1) 391

It really doesn't matter to the argument why someone wouldn't want to report it. The issue is the state making it a crime to not report it. Of course the majority of sane people would be very likely to report something of this sort. However now the state has taken away your freedom of choice to do so (or not) and will subject you to severe punishment for not reporting such content.

However as someone has already pointed out, this is virtually unenforceable anyhow. That doesn't excuse the state for passing a bs law though.

Comment Informative Article (Score 4, Interesting) 329

Unlike others I found this article well written and with a unique perspective. Defining requirements and tolerances is very important but far too often we overlook these steps and rush right into a project - get the PMO involved, assign a PM, purchase some widget we "need" and run setup. Project complete. Of course it doesn't meet the requirements of the user or customer, but we can't worry about that. We have more projects to "complete".

Comment I don't really have an issue with that price tag.. (Score 0) 186

Let's face it, there really are no more actual news programs on tv. It's all about entertainment now in order to increase viewership and profits. If the broadcaster is going to profit from this, and they certainly will, then let the community bereft as well though a better funded police force. No problem.

Comment Popular Quote (Score 1) 729

âoeSocialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.â

I think this sums up why Americans work as hard and long as (many of us still) do.

Comment Republic vs Democracy (Score 4, Interesting) 490

Here in the US at least, and honestly it should be the same elsewhere, we don't want an actual Democracy due to the downfalls of that system. In effect a true, pure democracy will always devolve into anarchy and eventually a dictator will rise to power and effectively enslave the population. The US system is designed to provide a modified democratic system with protections against the outcome I just described. This is well documented elsewhere, I've provided a pointer in what I believe is the correct direction for finding the answer.

Comment Re: John Oliver (Score 1) 954

Actually Fox News absolutely does report on this when it happens. Not only do they report on it they typically invite the individual on to one or more of the shows - Fox and Friends is a common one - for an in person or video interview.

The problem is many of these shootings occur in designated "gun free zones". In effect we tell the lunatics where to aim whether they have guns, bombs, chemical weapons, etc. Might as well call them "victim pens" instead.

Comment Re: John Oliver (Score 1) 954

I do see a contradiction, but I believe the issue is with the management of the no-fly list. That is another example of American citizens' rights being trampled upon. There is no easy way to know you've been placed on the list or to remove yourself if you were placed there in error. Do you think I want to trust my 2A rights to the same idiots managing that process?

Comment Re: Sue em. (Score 0) 954

Maybe it's time to wake up and realize this isn't the fault of the police. This is a direct outcome of "zero tolerance" policies that began decades ago so schools primarily could avoid lawsuits. This is what happens when you take judgement out of the decision making process.

Of course if you still want to blame the police go right ahead, but please don't bother them when some lowlife threatens your home or family. Deal with it on your own.

Comment Re: John Oliver (Score 3, Interesting) 954

Please stop with the silly "we need more gun laws" argument every time someone farts. You're just embarrassing yourselves now. We have enough gun laws. Mine can't leave my house because we have so many silly laws. And contrary to popular leftist, racists beliefs I can prove guns aren't violent. My guns just sit wherever I leave them. If anything, they're lazy.

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