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Comment Re:Learn jQuery (Score 1) 126 126

#fail. It fixes DOM problems, not javascript problems. I mean, if you're dirtyt, can you clean yourself off by smearing shit all over yourself? Of course not. So how can a javascript library, written in javascript, fix deficiencies in the javascript language? It can't. You need to use a transpiler like coffeescript or babel if you want to improve the javascript language.

Comment do I have to spell it out? (Score 0, Troll) 212 212

put the versioning file system on top of the distributed file system.

Or, in a way even a dice employee will understand:

You: I like sucking dicks. And I live having my dick sucked. But nobody will suck my dick and nobody will let me suck their dick.

Me: Ok, why don't you suck your own dick?

You: (run off to your bedroom, close the door, is not seen again for 3 days).

Comment Re:Good job Dice (Score -1, Troll) 124 124

heh, when I was living at the geek compound, we had a soda vending machine (perhaps the only one with diet coke, mt dew, and jolt) and a candy vending machine. The candy machine had some candy (mostly for cowboy neil) but also had anal lube, condoms (not that anybody ever used one), and amyl nitrate. I think cowboy neil knocked it over one night in a fit of rage, probably because it wouldn't give the fat ass twizzlers or something.

Submission + - SourceForge suspends mirroring, creating Community Panel to review practices->

vivaoporto writes: In a reversal motivated by community concerns (like the high profile debacle over the distribution of ads-enabled installer of GIMP or the accusation by Fyodor of the hijacking of the nmap sourceforge project) SourceForge discontinued third-party bundling of mirrored content.

Along with that, as of June 18th, SourceForge started "removing SourceForge-maintained mirrored projects" and engaging "our newly-formed Community Panel to discuss site features and program policies including a redesigned mirror program" resulting in the removal of the 295 projects that were part of the mirrored catalog.

Somewhat buried in the announcement good news for those wanting to reach SourceForge for some constructive feedback: the Community Voice forum.

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