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Comment LOL (Score 0) 420

Looks guys, dice is kicking you to the curb. (I think even slashdot posted that news in a timely fashion) You don't have to run their shitty articles anymore. I'm not saying you need to walk into Shravan Goli's office, drop trou, and leave a nice fat turd on his desk, but at least stop posting this garbage. ok? thanks.

Comment Re:Learn jQuery (Score 1) 126

#fail. It fixes DOM problems, not javascript problems. I mean, if you're dirtyt, can you clean yourself off by smearing shit all over yourself? Of course not. So how can a javascript library, written in javascript, fix deficiencies in the javascript language? It can't. You need to use a transpiler like coffeescript or babel if you want to improve the javascript language.

Comment do I have to spell it out? (Score 0, Troll) 212

put the versioning file system on top of the distributed file system.

Or, in a way even a dice employee will understand:

You: I like sucking dicks. And I live having my dick sucked. But nobody will suck my dick and nobody will let me suck their dick.

Me: Ok, why don't you suck your own dick?

You: (run off to your bedroom, close the door, is not seen again for 3 days).

Comment Re:Good job Dice (Score -1, Troll) 124

heh, when I was living at the geek compound, we had a soda vending machine (perhaps the only one with diet coke, mt dew, and jolt) and a candy vending machine. The candy machine had some candy (mostly for cowboy neil) but also had anal lube, condoms (not that anybody ever used one), and amyl nitrate. I think cowboy neil knocked it over one night in a fit of rage, probably because it wouldn't give the fat ass twizzlers or something.

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