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Comment: Lack of new projects (Score 1) 87

by slashbeard77 (#26230065) Attached to: Cisco Launching Blade Servers in 2009
The number one goal of any firm is to increase shareholder wealth. Cisco has a history of buying a product and squeezing the life out of it and this firm is having difficulties finding new networking related projects that have a required rate of return high enough to satisfy investors. Another point is that John Chambers recently announced they may begin paying dividends soon.

Comment: Re:Use Sharepoint (Score 1) 237

by slashbeard77 (#26229995) Attached to: How Do You Monitor Documents?
I can't believe that know one has yet to mention Document management. There are many good solutions on the market regarding document management systems. Some systems, are out of the box solutions whereas others are fully customizible (e.g. sharepoint). As mentioned previously, limiting access to the content is critical.

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