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+ - Chinese to move Linux servers to Microsoft Hyper-V->

Submitted by slashbaby
slashbaby (261784) writes "The largest Linux provider in China has come to an agreement with Microsoft to develop, market and sell the NeoKylin Linux OS running on Microsoft Hyper-V.

The NeoKylin OS is reported to have been built by CS2C alongside China's National University of Defense Technology.

Hopefully this will lead to better Linux support under Hyper-V."

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Comment: Re:Microsoft treats non-profits very well (Score 3, Informative) 255

by slashbaby (#33567562) Attached to: Microsoft To Issue Blanket License To NGOs

Second this.

I work for the Canadian branch of an international NGO, and MS almost throws software at us - we recently were donated $50 000 MSRP of software from MS. We paid $2300 in "administration fees" - which pay for two years of Software Assurance, downloads, customer service, tech support, etc.

Most software companies are generous to registered NGOs.

We do use *nix for many things, most of our network infrastructure is *nix. It just makes sense. But for the users, who know Office and Windows, we can't justify the lost time and training in switching to a something else when there is next to no price benefit - our software cost per workstation is ~$50 every 4 years.

I do feel bad for being a MS propagation machine, but they do make it pretty darn easy.

Whenever a system becomes completely defined, some damn fool discovers something which either abolishes the system or expands it beyond recognition.