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Comment: I live these studies (Score 3, Interesting) 291

by slash-doubter (#36829738) Attached to: Suppressed Report Shows Pirates Are Good Customers
I never went to concerts or bought records until I started pirating music. I never bought textbooks for pleasure reading until I pirated textbooks. I never bought art creation programs, before pirating them all and finding the ones that suited me. I also never went sailing before I started pirating, but I don't think there is a correlation there. I wouldn't have to pirate if there was some sane trial and advertising didn't lie. As is, pirating is the only thing that allows me to make an informed use of my very limited financial resources. A disproportionate amount of which goes to the people I "stole" from.

Comment: vx nano (Score 1) 569

by slash-doubter (#28642759) Attached to: Best Mouse For Programming?
I like the Logitech VX nano. While the flame bait of using a mouse while programming is quite tempting even to myself, in a rare moment of reflection, I realized I don't know everything, and occasionally I have to use the intrawebz to learn that which I do not know. Also, sometimes I must slashdot. On such occasions, I like the vx nano. The spinny scroll wheel, and right left scrolling ... lots of buttons. Very tiny receiver.

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