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+ - 'Anonymous' hacker quits; calls members hypocrites->

Submitted by zacharye
zacharye (2330148) writes "An alleged member of the notorious hacker collective “Anonymous” has apparently outed himself and quit. The UK-based hacker, who says his real name is Matthew, operated under the pseudonym “SparkyBlaze” during his time with Anonymous. As to his reasons for leaving the group, he points mainly to LulzSec, the AntiSec movement, and Anonymous’ leadership..."
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+ - 25,000 Danish hospital staff move to LibreOffice->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Almost all of the 25,000 workers at thirteen hospitals in the Copenhagen region will over the next year begin to use Libre Office, an open source suite of office productivity tools. The group of hospitals is phasing out a proprietary alternative, 'for long term strategic reasons', which at the same time saves the group some 40 million Kroner (about 5.3 million euro) worth of proprietary licences."
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+ - 17 year old tablet looks just like an iPAD-> 2

Submitted by cababunga
cababunga (1195153) writes "

They will weigh under 2lbs; they will be totally portable; they will have a clarity of screen display comparable to ink on paper; they will be able to blend text, video, audio and graphics all together; and they will be a part of our daily lives about the turn of the century.

... have rectangular screen, black frame and rounded corners."
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+ - Apple vs Samsung, Apple does it again->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "In a court document from Apple to ban the Samsung galaxy S, there is an image, to show that the galaxy S is the same as the iphone 3s, that is manipulated so that the galaxy S has the same size as the iphone 3s. While the galaxy S is bigger than the iphone 3s"
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+ - Bionic leg gives amputees a natural gait->

Submitted by
Science_afficionado writes "A new lower-limb prosthetic — the first with powered knee and ankle joints that work together — allows amputees to walk without the leg-dragging characteristic of conventional artificial legs. The device uses the latest advances in computer, sensor, motor and battery technology to give it bionic capabilities."
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+ - Germany Declares Facebook Like Button Illegal 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Not only has Germany declared Facebook's facial recognition technology and wild Facebook parties illegal, but the country today found Facebook's Like button in violation of its strict privacy laws. Commissioner Thilo Weichert, who works for the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection (ULD) in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, said the social network’s plugin, which allows Internet users to express their appreciation of something online, illegally puts together a profile of their Web habits."

+ - Do nuclear weapons really deter?->

Submitted by
Martin Hellman
Martin Hellman writes "In my Stanford seminar, “Nuclear Weapons, Risk and Hope,” I argue that much of the risk stems from a lack of critical thinking – accepting conventional wisdom on key points of national security, even when it is wrong. Much of the hope therefore lies in applying critical thinking to root out fallacious assumptions that form the foundation for our world view. One key assumption that deserves greater attention: Do nuclear weapons act as a deterrent? And, if so, what do they deter?"
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+ - Intellectual Property Rights VS Innovation->

Submitted by HansonMB
HansonMB (1988686) writes "If there’s a single issue aside from net neutrality that will profoundly affect the future of innovation, it’s software patents. As average people become increasingly dependent on the intangible algorithms that give life and purpose to the CPUs inside their various electronic tools, the debate over software patents brings into question the very nature of human ideas — Can a configuration of numbers be owned? Or does innovation need to take physical form to be given legal substance?"
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+ - Google Adds Weather to Maps->

Submitted by
tekgoblin writes "Since the release of Google+, Google has been slowly updating all of it’s services to conform with it’s new minimalist look. Black navigation bar on top, red text on the side, and buttons that remind me of OS X. Today they updated Google Maps to it’s new look, and added several interesting features as well.

The most significant feature that has been added is a new Weather layer, that when enabled shows current conditions in specific cities and towns. While not enabled globally, nearly the entire US is covered."

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