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Comment Re:Browser performance benchmark? (Score 1) 129

It's considerably faster in Chrome than FF 3.6 for me as well. I noticed that Chrome manages to really max all four of the cores on my processor at once, while FF does not. I guess this is a pretty good tech demo for how well Chrome can distribute a heavy processing load.

Comment Are they really 'Naming' evaders? (Score 1) 783

FTA: "Elmer said he would not reveal what specifically was in the documents, and said that he personally would not disclose 'individual companies or individual names' of the account holders."

I read that to say that he will release lots of details proving how large this problem is, but won't reveal the actual people who are doing it. Am I misreading that?

Comment Re:We need more people like this guy (Score 5, Funny) 179

That's funny, we one time hired a guy to help us move in Chicago. He packed the truck like I had never seen before, perfectly floor to ceiling, all in the front half, tied down and perfectly stable. The back was 100% empty. It was certainly more efficient than the horizontal stacking that occurs whenever I pack a moving van.

Turns out the guy was a former Tetris champ making a little side money to pay for grad school.

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