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+ - Critical Flaw Found In Backtrack Linux->

chicksdaddy writes: "Threatpost is reporting on a critical security flaw in the latest version of Backtrack Linux, a popular distribution that is used by security professionals for penetration testing. The previously undiscovered privilege escalation hole was discovered by a student taking part in an InfoSec Instutite Ethical Hacking class, according to the post on the group's Web site.
"The student in our ethical hacking class that found the 0day was using backtrack and decided to fuzz the program, as well as look through the source code," wrote Jack Koziol, the Security Program Manager at the InfoSec Institute. "He found that he could overwrite config settings and gain a root shell." An unofficial patch is available from InfoSec Institute. Koziol said that an official patch is being tested now and is expected shortly."

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Comment: Re:Who was the idiot who just let this happen? (Score 3, Insightful) 135 135

This is especially true in countries where farms haven't evolved into 'super-farms'. You have the likes of dairy-farmers who are heavily exposed to the volatility which comes part-and-parcel with specialization (i.e. lack of diversification). For a small family farmer, there is limited benefit to thinking long-term. Their livelihood is tied up with next quarter's profit and they don't have the sophistication/time to be hedging exposure on futures exchanges.

Comment: Windows Life, I bid you adieu (Score 1) 262 262

I can't say I'm too disappointed about Live being canned. I installed the product family when prompted to after installing Windows 7 and promptly removed it. I prefer the idea of branding it 'Microsoft Account'. It sounds more like an email address I could email potential employers from.

+ - Spiders Appear Bigger With More Fear 2 2

An anonymous reader writes: The more a person is afraid of a spider, the larger the person sees the spider to be, psychologists revealed on Friday.

"If one is afraid of spiders, and by virtue of being afraid of spiders one tends to perceive spiders as bigger than they really are, that may feed the fear, foster that fear, and make it difficult to overcome," said Michael Vasey, professor of psychology at Ohio State University and lead author of the study, in a statement.
Data Storage

+ - Hard Drive Shortage Relief Coming in Q1 2012->

MojoKid writes: "According to new reports, global HDD production capacity is getting ready to increase to 140-145 million units in the first quarter of 2012, or about 80 percent of where it was prior to when the floods hit Thailand manufacturing plants. HDD production was sitting around 175 million units in the third quarter of 2011 before the floods, after which time it quickly dropped to 120-125 million units. Since then, there's been a concerted effort to restore operations to pre-flood levels."
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ClamAV For Windows Open Beta Begins 127 127

An anonymous reader writes "The public beta for ClamAV for Windows 3.0, which includes full integration of the ClamAV engine into the Immunet Protect product, is now open. If you are interested in playing with ClamAV for Windows 3.0, please see these forums. 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available for download. ClamAV for Windows should not be confused with ClamWin, a separate project."

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