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Comment: Re:"and promptly lost" (Score 1) 120

by slackbheep (#37810222) Attached to: Lost Hour-Long Jobs Interview Found
Actually, if he's anything like me it could simply change how he communicates in English. It took some time to let the two sets of rules coexist in my brain, but even now I speak in a manner which is notably different from before. I suppose learning any other language makes you more aware of or changes the way you use your own native tongue.

Comment: Re:good or bad? (Score 1) 147

by slackbheep (#37762160) Attached to: New Vaccine Halves Malaria Risk
Yeah well my uncles friends cousin worked for David Icke, Turns out Icke is really a monkey who went to space and returned with amazing powers of speech, now he wages a war against the reptilian power structure of the world in order to conquer it for his simian brothers. You can believe me, because my information is from such a highly placed source.

Comment: Re:Stallman and FOSS (Score 1) 1452

by slackbheep (#37673180) Attached to: Richard Stallman's Dissenting View of Steve Jobs
The vast majority of people don't care about much but dinner and the weeks TV line up, Susies recital and next weeks pay cheque. Does the fact that these people are not overly concerned about news in general make economic meltdowns and other recent events meaningless as well? Stallman is weird and sort of a jerk, most people are either stupid of largely uninterested in the bigger picture for one reason or another. These things have very little to do with one another.

Comment: Re:Reserves isn't the only reason... (Score 1) 745

by slackbheep (#37654368) Attached to: Oil May Be Finite, But U.S. Production Is Ramping Up
Absolutely, I was just disagreeing with the notion that environmentalism has to mean a loss for the economy. Take for example recent breakthroughs in the sorting and recycling of plastics. (MBA Polymers is the company which comes to mind due to seeing a recent talk posted at by one of their head honchos.) This benefits our economy, allowing us to stretch the oil we do have farther.

Comment: Re:Reserves isn't the only reason... (Score 2) 745

by slackbheep (#37653820) Attached to: Oil May Be Finite, But U.S. Production Is Ramping Up
Plenty of money to be made in renewable energy and lessening our environmental impact/stretching resources further. Finding a few years more harvestable oil is a good thing for our immediate future but isn't going to solve the problem long term.
More to the point it seems you're talking more about hippies than environmentalists. It's pretty safe to ignore the ones who've joined hands and begun swaying.

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.