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Comment And we might believe the retailers if ... (Score 1) 203

... the price difference was not typically more than 150% markup (without shipping) on the same product (with free shipping) as opposed to the 10% GST. You know, if the price difference were only 10-15% and shipping wasn't typically so overpriced ($15 - $20 for packages as small as RAM) even in the same city, I wouldn't mind buying in my own country.

Comment New Contender? (Score 1) 422

Wouldn't now be the best time for a new console maker to enter the fray?

Sony and MS might be on aging hardware, but they are both in an established, safe position I'm sure they'd like to keep as long as possible. Nintendo has their Wii safety, so it could make sense for them to enter the market with a "core" console, while keeping the Wii around for it's present audience.

However, the ability for a completely new competitor to design a console from essentially "off-the-shelf" components that could out perform the established consoles could open up a new market for someone.

Comment Re:Good grief! (Score 2, Informative) 284

This is not what the average Aussie wants. There was a petition that set the record in Australia for the most number of supporters, for anything, ever! There was also a public debate showed 98.2% support for a higher rating from over 60,000 submissions.

The current government may well be voted out this week, but the problem is, the state attorney generals decide classification guidelines And if only one of them has a personal vendetta against something it won't get through.

Our hopes were raised when Michale Atkison, main detractor for a new rating, "retired" earlier this year. But all that seemed to do was delay decisions.

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