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Comment: New Sample Product Description (Score 2) 409

by quangdog (#41981481) Attached to: Apple Orders Memory Game Developers To Stop Using 'Memory' In Names
Using your recollection, the ability to hold in your mind certain facts, figures or concepts is a part of your consciousness. Recall is important, as is retention and awareness. Our app will help you to stop it with all the forgetfulness. Buy it today so you can remember tomorrow.

See, it's easy to avoid using a certain word.

Comment: Murder by computer virus? (Score 1, Interesting) 196

by quangdog (#39637583) Attached to: McAfee Claims Successful Insulin Pump Attack
Usual run-of-the-mill computer viruses and exploits don't usually harm one's health in the say that this has the potential to do. I mean, seriously - a virus could infect your insulin pump and kill you??

I know it's naïve to even ask, but would this be used in the wild? What special sort of sicko would do this for kicks?

Comment: Re:When people abuse prices go up (Score 2) 503

Will this cut down on abuse of their return policies? Perhaps. Will it result in lower prices? Definitely not.

Am I the only one that is very concerned about the privacy of my personally identifiable information on something like my driver's license? Businesses who ask me for items such as my social security number or driver's license to conduct a transaction lose me as a customer. I'm unwilling to let my personal information enter their sales databases housed who-knows-where and accessed by some pimply faced geek-squad dropout.

Best Buy has been in the news frequently lately, and none of it has been good. Some have said here that they'll be out of business w/in 5 years. I give them less than 1.

Comment: Re:Oh enough with the range whining (Score 4, Insightful) 998

by quangdog (#39625031) Attached to: Hybrid Car Owners Not Likely To Buy Another Hybrid
Sure, to get to work (1.5 miles for me) an electric would be fine. But what about when I want to go visit my sister (83 miles one direction) for an evening? How about when we go see the in-laws (298 miles one way) every few months? Or what about a busy Saturday running errands all over town - I've easily done 150+ miles just in around-town-driving on a busy Saturday. The point is, owning a limited range car only for your commute is great, but I still have to have something that I can refuel or replenish the range on quickly and easily when I need to travel outside the limited range of an all-electric solution.

Comment: Speaking from personal experience... (Score 2) 212

by quangdog (#38013812) Attached to: With Troop Drawdown, IT Looks To Hire More Vets
I've had the opportunity in the past to work closely with people who learned their IT skills in the military. Without exception they were very competent and a pleasure to work with. If I were hiring today, a candidate who learned IT skills in the military would get a closer look than the guy with the degree from the local community college.

I'm not saying that everyone who learns IT skills in the military is awesome, but the ones I've met have been.

Comment: 100 Tahoes? (Score 2) 81

by quangdog (#37739950) Attached to: Verizon's 'Can You Hear Me Now' Fleet Testing 4G
Pfffffttt..... surely there are more interesting and useful things we can do with 100 Tahoes. How about welding 6 of them together side by side to form a solid wall of Tahoe, then deploy them on 6 lane freeways. People who refuse to travel at least at the speed limit will be run over by the wall of Tahoe - thus eliminating gridlock.

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