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Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 576 576

However, it should be noted that there is a culture/counter-culture cycle at work as well. Punk rock grew because Rock lost a lot of its rebellious spirit as things like prog rock and glam became mainstream. Industrial was created by punks who were pissed that punk became mainstream as well. They set out to create something that could never become popular... and failed. Goth/Industrial has managed to make its way into shopping malls the world over via Hot Topic, The Crow, NIN, Anne Rice, and Twilight. Rap fulfills the rebellion role as well, and with the ability to record and transmit sound we have now, we end up with gangsters that have murdered people being paid millions of dollars to glorify the image of the 'thug life'. And now we have reaction videos of people trolling old folks with Skrillex. *shrug* Generally speaking, your parents music is going to sound dated to you because you grew up with it. And as your teen years roll around, that rebellious nature isn't going to be satisfied by miming your parents' taste. There is more to music than technical ability, there is no accounting for taste, and with the constantly morphing culture of a globalizing world, as well as the rapid pace of technology (remember, electric music as we know it very VERY new) who knows what tomorrow will hold. I do take heart in the fact that the pendulum seems to swing back and forth. You'll get bursts of creativity that the labels can't ignore followed by a decade of commercial crap.

My $0.02...

Comment Re:Daft Punk, Not Kanye (Score 1) 317 317

Which is par for the course in rap and modern electronic production.
Remember "Come to Me" by P. Diddy?
I'll never forgive Jimmy Page for assisting with that atrocity...
And who knows how many rappers that have sampled/covered "Fly Like An Eagle".
I still chuckle at the fact that Mix-A-Lot and 2 Live Crew both sampled the hell out of Kraftwerk... Actually, EVERYBODY samples Kraftwerk. ;)

Sorry, I'm a DJ and an amateur electronica producer, so I'm highly opinionated on the subject. I think there is a fine line between artistic re-purposing (a la a collage), and just whole sale ripping off a song. I http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clubbed_to_Death_(song)

If you want to look up who sampled what from who, I highly recommend this site:

Also, if want to see some pretty amazing hackery, check out how to recreated "Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy in Ableton Live. Its almost nothing but warped samples:

“Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” Albert Einstein (among many others)

Comment Daft Punk, Not Kanye (Score 5, Informative) 317 317

"Better, faster, stronger," Apple could have easily lifted those Kanye West lyrics for their press release announcing the coming of the iPhone 3GS in 2009.

*facepalm* Sorry, I know its a minor detail, but Daft Punk originally wrote "Better, faster, harder, stronger", and Kanye sampled it (with permission) for his song. They have a cameo in his video, which is an awesome tribute to Akira for those that haven't seen it.

*watches Daft Hands and Daft Bodies on youtube*

Comment Storm... (Score 5, Informative) 515 515

I give you, Tim Michin's "Storm"

[...]And try as hard as I like,
A small crack appears
In my diplomacy-dike.
“By definition”, I begin
“Alternative Medicine”, I continue
“Has either not been proved to work,
Or been proved not to work.
You know what they call “alternative medicine”
That’s been proved to work?


Comment Haters gonna hate... (Score 1) 333 333

Thanks for keeping my Apple stock soaring, /.

This kind of bile and arrogance from elitists is exactly what makes Apple products more popular than other *NIX flavors, these days.
This is exactly was repulses your everyday Joe from your platform, tools, and heroes of choice.
No one wants to hang out with a bitter nerd except for other nerds with the same bitterness.
So keep it up! My grandparent's and their Apple shares also thanks you!

I run Ubuntu on my server.
I run Ubuntu on my desktop for day to day usage (oh, except for when SMPlayer, VLC, Totem, or xine won't play my DVDs correctly, or when I'm sick of GDM crashing, or the nVidia drivers not working quite right, or I want to get more than 4 hours of life out of my laptop's battery).
I reboot into Windows for gaming (and no, WINE doesn't work for everything).
And I boot into OS X if I want to get audio production done (see line above).
Surprise! Mac OS X is better at somethings than Linux!
Surprise! iPhones is better at somethings than Android!

You may now all return to being armchair experts....

Comment Who to switch to? (Score 1) 325 325

I'm on T-Mobile at the moment (with an aging Android Dev Phone*), but my contract expired a while ago so I'm free to leave if I please. I definitely want to stick with the Android platform. For a while I was drooling over Sprint's EVO 3D, but I heard its battery life sucks when you use the 3D features a lot. I live in Seattle, BTW.

Who would you recommend?

Comment Re:If Obama wasn't such a coward... (Score 3, Insightful) 676 676

If Obama wasn't such a coward, the last president would be behind bars (along with most of his cronies), we'd have single-payer-for-all health care, and Wall Street would actually be held responsible for treating the economy the way Michael Vic treats dogs....

Comment Facebook Censoring Torrent Link (Score 3, Interesting) 676 676

I just tried to post the link to the torrent on my facebook, and got this:

This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error.

Hmmmm... the link hasn't even been up that long, has it? Me thinks Zuckerberg and company are staying on Uncle Sam's friendly side...

Comment Re:That is literature (Score 1) 330 330

The hypothetical situation with Bob the bomber and Sam the sharpshooter actually illustrates the point nicely. The fact that its come down to Sam or Bob committing violence means that negotiating and other non-violent tactics have failed. In other words, the people running the show did not have the competence required to defuse the situation so its come down to snipe or explodey.

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